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Shaolin (2011)

Shaolin (2011)

Shaolin takes place in China, in a time when the land is at war and lords are trying to expand their power by fighting against neighboring lands. Though Shaolin is the theme, the main character is Hao Jie, a young arrogant general with great power. He kills a rival on temple ground and sneers at the masters, but after his family is suddenly killed he takes refuge with them anyway and learns how wrong he was. He tries to better himself, but can't escape fate, who arrives one day in a form similar to his old one on the temple grounds to kill him.

It's a sad story, even with Jackie Chan in it, and it ends with the whole temple getting burned to the ground and monks lying strewn around the grounds slaughtered like chess pieces wiped off a board. Our main character rests in the hands of Buddha, and his rival finally realizes what a fool he was, but it's too late. Jackie Chan and a group of children take refuge in the mountains though; where there's life there's hope. Shaolin lives on!

Is it just me or have all HK movies lately being historical? What about a Shaolin movie in modern day? Have martial arts dying out in the 'real' word? I hope not! Anyway, this is a great movie. If you've seen Little Big Soldier or Flowers Of War or IP Man or any of similar movies you know what to expect.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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