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Sharknado 4 - The 4th Awakens (2016)

Sharknado 4 - The 4th Awakens (2016)

It's not just Sharknados now. It's Sandnados, Oilnados, Firenados, Lightningnados, Cownados, Nuclearnados... they take it to the next level here, even if I'm not sure what levels it was at before this. As if the chronological order of these was like Star Wars, I'm starting with the fourth, and considering the many puns that play on that particular franchise it seems suitable too. What the movie's about? Super-evolved tornados, basically, and a tough guy (accompanied by his family) who blows them up with bombs. And other things. And manages to destroy quite a few national treasures in the process of saving the world.

The special effects are bad. But they're so bad that sometimes... they're not so bad after all. Apart from the sharks they have a killer cast, with old unexpected icons like David Hasselhoff, and new ones like Tommy Davidson (I thought he was Usher actually). They're an entertaining gang, the story's high-level sci-fi and plenty entertaining, and there's barely a dull moment in it, but...

The special effects, man. They're just so bad! And then there's the loose ends (didn't the son just get married?), and all that shizzle. Even a B-movie needs consistency, and that's something this one just doesn't have. Not in the filming, not in the effects, and not in the story. It's a crazy, chaotic and entertaining mess, but it's a mess nevertheless. Watched the others after this, and this just might have been the weakest link in the franchise. Lack of consistency and embarrassingly bad effects is what it all boils down too. It had its moments of bad-assery and such but... it's just too much. Vegas was a comparatively bad intro too.

It definitely beats Ice Sharks though. Always something.

 rated 2/5: decent


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