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Shoo! Snix! Booo! Be.

Now look here, a new short URL service is on it's way up in the world. It looks very promising so far I must tell you. The layout is clean and creative, the servers are fast, the service itself is very simple and straight forward, and the people behind it have even developed a strategical overglocking device to keep overload away from the database. Every time the database is filled with 666,000 URL's, a new main database and directory will automatically be created. All the old URL's will still be intact, and new URL's will be created from the second directory level (example, after 666k entries, instead of URL's will be saved as, and you can still access the old ones from! Just so happens I'm the person behind this great revolutionary service that combines simplicity with the needs of this modern day society we live in. So take it for a test link trimmer, and see what you think. Feedback? Goes below.

UPD: Service down & archived.


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