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Silent Hill Revelation (2012)

Silent Hill Revelation (2012)

Did they make this sequel just to give the movie a good ending? Cause that's what it feels like.

There's really nothing new here. It's like the sequel to House on Haunted Hill, it's a mess, it just fucks up the logic of the original movie. In trying to explain things, it gets rid of the mystery, and to make it worse they stuff a bunch of stereotypical fear factors in the mix. Clowns, human beings being butchered like pigs, fuzzy rabbit heads with blood on them, random people turning into monsters (as through a vision). Yeah, it's a mess.

It is a sequel to the previous movie though. Many years have passed, they've grown up, and guess what... still aint nothing changed. I'm disappointed. There's just nothing new. Still the same old battle with Alessa, and to top it off they throw in a little magic, and a talisman, and the 'order' is back again. Yeah yeah yeah, you might want to watch this anyway, just don't expect greatness. I won't be as hyped up for the end of this trilogy as I was about this before watching... if they do make one.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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