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Skype Emoticons Are UGLY

I started using the client a while back to interact with a client (zing!) and as soon as I posted my first :) I... I didn't want to chat any longer. After getting used to the stylishly designed emoticons of interfaces like Gmail and Invision, and places like NG and KG, this was a bit of a shock. They're horrible. They take up too much space compared to the text, they overplay expressions and they just... don't fit in. I disabled the visual smileys ASAP but unfortunately disabling them only works one way. If I use them the person on the other end is going to see them anyway. Just had to get that said.

Now as emotions they're not bad, I have to add, but they fit the interface like an emoticon would fit a tombstone. No similarity between Skype and tombstones, but they don't fit. Ya know? Those are my negative cents... like -2.


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