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Skyscraper (2018)

Skyscraper (2018)

What happens when Dwayne The Rock Johnson is locked in a skyscraper - the biggest the world has ever seen, its own miniature horizontal world with herbarium and all - with a bunch of terrorists threatening to kill his family?

It doesn't matter that he's got a peg leg, and never mind he's not in the tower at all in the first place but has to climb like a hundred stories on a crane and then jump a hundred feet to get there (they don't start threatening until he's inside anyway): you know how this is going to go.

It's a pretty intense movie, with quite a few gravity-defying scenes, impressive architecture, lots of tough guys and solid action sequences. Especially the first few.

The Rock's in good shape, older-looking as he may be, and he soon turns from fugitive to hero as the people of Hong Kong follow his daredevil escapades around the building from monitors far below.

I like Neve Campbell's act too. Their chemistry's good. Chin Han plays a convincing magnate as well, and it's good to see a few familiar HK faces too, even if some aren't as familiar as I thought they were! Really though Michelle Yeoh was there. She's got a look-alike!

Unfortunately the special effects aren't always the richest in detail, and script-wise a lot of it is really predictable. You know how it'll go. It's a blockbuster. It's a... what-do-you-call-the-movie-type-when-a-building's-on-fire-and-they-have-to-get-out? It's nothing new, but it's definitely the most modern take so far, and it kept the tension levels high from start to finish. Good set of villains too. Props Roland Møller in particular.

I think there's an old movie with this same title, and I'm thinking I just might watch that one next...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. S3C
    Sunday May/5/2019

    some ridiculous unrealistic stunts, really no element of surprise, villains were too obvious, generally bad acting, and a criminally predictable and symmetric storyline. There's a lot to bash this movie about, but overall it's an entertaining film and is intense throughout when it does picks up: great visuals and design, the subtle sci-fi bits and the mirror room fight scene is just enough to displace it from being a Die Hard ripoff. But it's not nearly as clever as say a Mission Impossible film. Also, good usage of the ducktape meme and a variation of the classic supergandhi64 one for good measure: have you ever tried restarting your computer? works 99.9% of the time

    Almost guaranteed that there will be some direct-to-dvd sequel with B-list actors

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday May/7/2019

    Do wonder if that mirror scene was inspired by John Wick. :) That franchise seems to be really stepping into the creative realm; pushing action to a new level. Sorta.

    Agree with your main consensus here. With a lot of these blockbuster movies it's like you don't really want to like them when they all follow the same old formula; keep re-using character cliches and plot devices of old, and similarly flawed effects/such, but... they still reel you in when you get into them. They had that in there?! XD Man I don't remember that!

    Hope so! B or not it'd be fun to watch.

  3. Cyber
    Tuesday May/7/2019

    Also Congrats on kicking the 2500th comment 'ere!

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