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Sleep Tight (2011)

Sleep Tight (2011)

Or Mientras Duermes, as is it's Spanish name, is a movie tightly based on El Propietario from 2008. I haven't seen that one, but apparently they're virtually identical - though the character depictions and overall atmosphere in this is intended for a broader audience. Or so I've read. I assume this is the better of the two movies, but maybe the prior is the the most captivating: uncensored, relentless and heavy.

It was a pretty weird movie. A story told through the voice of apartment concierge Cesar (played by Luis Tosar), with a fair bit of Clara (Marta Etura) - his big obsession. It goes from seeming like a psychotic romance, to something different entirely. Cesar's motivations are revealed more and more as events within the movie unfold, and I feel like I'd be spoiling the experience if I go about summarizing the movie as leisurely as IMDB did (so be wary of that page before/if you intend to see it). Without the surprise I can't imagine you'll experience it the same, and in describing it more it'd be difficult to not reveal anything. It's one of those movies your best off jumping into with a blindfold, and being ready for whatever. Though don't expecting anything flashy.

The acting's great, and the scenario certainly a unique one. Though it all mostly takes place within just one apartment building they keep the tension high. The little girl could've put on a more convincing fear, but otherwise I have no complaints. It's a thriller unlike others, uncomfortable and cold. Not sure if I should give this a 4 or 5... if the scale was larger it'd probably be a 9/10. It's not perfect, but it is good. Occasionally bright and beautiful, but the contrasts are all the darker. Heavy. Moody. Easy to get into. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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