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Sleepless Nights

They will be if this continues. What continues, you ask? Something about yesterday? Nah, this time it's a new disaster. I had the day planned, but things don't always turned out as you would like them to.

At first I thought it was the coffee that kept me awake, or the mounds of great food I had eaten, or the revelation that we had a break in. Then I realized this urge I had to take a piss every fifteen minutes or so was keeping me awake; soon it became constant. Morning came and I don't think I slept anything, I've been sneaking back and fourth between my room and the bathroom all night, and things got worse at sunrise. Now they're better, but sickness is like an ocean, the effects go in waves. So what have I caught? You figure it out. It's not pleasant. But right now things can only get better, right? Hope so.

At least 21 Jump Street was f***ing amazing. :)


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