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Slender Man (2018)

Slender Man (2018)

So the man of myth and modern creepypasta received his own horror movie after all!

I'm a bit ambiguous about this one. On the one hand the effects were pretty cool. The sped-up footage, the growing shadows, the flashes, the corridors growing longer... I liked all of those things. The sound effects were loud and on point. The characters showed real desperation when it counted too.

On the other hand I feel like it is, as with a lot of American scary movies, a bit too direct. Jumpscares aren't as scary as when nothing happens. When the suspense just builds, and builds, and you see something the characters don't notice, or in the background, or something passing by... they had a bit of those things going on here too, but there was also enough of the in-your-face stuff to lower my impressions notably. And though I understand that chats are an important part of such a modern phenomenon as this one - that's how it spreads after all - I'm also a bit adverse to there being so much of those in a movie too.

Surely there are better ways to further a story than via texts? Movies reflect our society, of course, but if they reflected this in a different way maybe society would become better? Or at least the movie itself? Just a reflection.

Overall this did have me pretty spooked out, sitting in a dark room, looking intently at the screen, so: mission accomplished. It's a scary movie. Moody, well-acted, filmed and conclusive. I'm just not of the same mind regarding the nature of scares, and some of these filming techniques. First impressions had me up at a four, but thinking about the details...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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