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Smallfoot (2018)

Smallfoot (2018)

Get ready for a feelgood movie! In a world where creatures with big feet live: one big-footed creature ventures outside the village and finds one with small feet, and it all spirals on from there...

It's a noticeably cliche-rich story about greed and misunderstanding, but it's presented in such a fresh and feelgood way! With an air of mystery, in a world of ice, where the scenery looks nice and the characters come off cozy in their little corner of the world. There's some really powerful songs too, and a strong message. Hate it or love it - I definitely did the latter.

I thought I'd hate the stereotypes and overused bits of comedy (even if the scenery is all new those things do stay the same), but maybe this was one of the better ways they've used them in a while now. The little bits of same-old-same-old keep it from a perfect score, but the overall delivery and characters keeps it high up anyway. Great watch. Fo icicle.

A life that's full of wonder... is a wonderful life.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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