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Snakes On A Plane (2006)

Snakes On A Plane (2006)

First crowdfunded blockbuster ever, sort of, and a homage to the plane movies of old of which there are never enough installments, and Samuel Jackson! What more could you ask for?

It wasn't crowdfunded per say, but due to considerable Internet buzz and parody prior to release the production company actually added a few days of filming, and incorporated certain fan suggestions into this film, like the unforgettable: I have had it with these motherfucking snakes, on this motherfucking plane!

It worked well with fans, and me too, and every time I re-watch this one I feel a sense of closeness to this movie... even though I played no part in it, not with the fan suggestion nor otherwise. It's just that people did.

And I love it even without this influence. I love the sense of freedom in the intro, I love the character personalities, I love the timing, and sceneries, and adding to that also guessing which moments were suggested by fans and which weren't (some are pretty easy to guess). It makes you feel involved, and enhances the sense of entertainment even further with what is, overall, a pretty solid action/thriller about snakes on a plane.

It's interesting how they manage to fit in both darker and brighter bits of comedy into the movie too, and weave it together with the plot in a way that makes it all stick. There are no loose ends either, though it would've been nice to see how it ended for the bad guy. Some kind of final chase scene. The premise of the movie? Well there's a plane full of snakes, and passengers, and the snakes being venomous presents a certain issue for the passengers. Duh. It's a basic but functional premise, and they really make the most of it.

I did not remember The Sounds outro music/custom music video either! Happy to see they played a part in such a classic, which by now this most definitely is - renowned more for cultural affluence than for anything else, but it was a good movie too. Nathan Phillips, Julianna Margulies and Rachel Blanchard are a few of the other memorables. But everyone who survives the first attack easily become a memorable part of the character roster.

If you haven't seen this one yet: give it a shot. You might've missed out on the hype but it's still a pretty good movie.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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