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Sniper 3 (2004)

Sniper 3 (2004)

Apparently people did appreciate the second Sniper movie, because they only waited two years before making the sequel this time. Or was it just because they already had this one planned? For the third and final part of the series our main character is a burned out man. Since movie 1 he has only four fingers on one hand, and since movie 2 his vision is starting to blur at times when it matters the most. In this movie he's trying to look like a tired old man, nearing retirement, on his final mission.

We are taken back through flashbacks to his youth as a soldier in Saigon, and especially this one flashback of someone saving his life and giving him a good luck charm. Of course this same guy has gone bad and needs to be taken care of, and he is the one for the job. It's strange how sequels evolve through a revelation of something from the past, which is never mentioned in any of the prequels.

There's a government conspiracy, there's jungle, and there's actually a surprisingly good plot that I might have enjoyed more if the main actor wasn't so apparently out of shape. Maybe it does suit the role, but it doesn't suit my expectations. Hardcore army master gunner sergeants or whatever it was he was don't get fat, not in the movie world. Not in the world I want to see in the movies.

On the bright side, there's Hong Kong action mixed in, which is a big improvement after the second one. The movie still doesn't have the same quality (actually it was pretty bad quality, but it had the right atmosphere) as the first, but who could expect the end of a trilogy to be the second best part? Because it is. Normally it's all gone bad to hell by now, but this one was pretty good, I enjoyed watchin it.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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