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Snow & Östersund

It's been snowing like crazy outside, so I added some snow to the site to give it a touch of season. The theme is already red so it feels pretty Christmassy already without further vacation. I mean, without further modification.

In other news I'm leaving on a short vacation today, visiting my brother David with family in Östersund for four days. Life is currently busy as hell, but I always get more done when there's a deadline ahead, or maybe I just get more done to make up for all time lost at the stay away?

Anyhow, I'll be heading out to the train (subway above ground, Google Translate tells me it's called 'spent electric trains'... is it really?) to take it to the train (the real train) and then sit on (well, maybe inside, it's a bit warmer) it for about 5 hours. See you next week!


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