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Snow White & The Huntsman 2 - Winter's War (2016)

Snow White & The Huntsman 2 - Winter's War (2016)

The sequel to this reinterpretation of an old classic wasn't really all it could've been... but in some ways it was better. I liked the visuals, and characters, yet the plot follows the by now really overused path of unplanned sequels: introducing a new evil that's supposedly been there all along.

First it delves into backstory for the new introductions, then back to where it all left off in the last movie, and on with the new! There's plenty of familiar elements as to tie it all in, yet we don't get to see the fair heir; main character at all this time. This movie is for The Huntsman (it is reflected in the title at least, I only appended Snow White as to keep the title structure consistent and both movies adjacent on my list), as it is also clearly a sequel.

Whereas the previous told the tragic tale of Snow White, and her love, this one focuses on that of the other person - who could've been the latter, who grew up in a kingdom far far away, and whose name apparently means much more than one who hunts.

It's not a bad story in itself. I like the new characters - the Ice Queen Freya in particular (played by Emily Blunt), but Jessica Chastain isn't quite as convincing, nor the female dwarves that seem to appear here just so all characters get their happy ending... or not. Dwarves, man.

It's a sequel clearly made to be a sequel rather than tell an untold story, and it comes across plenty not in inconsistencies, but in expansions of the plot, and how certain characters are further developed just to add to that consistency. Unfortunately not all for the better.

Even if it's a new story some twists are a bit too easy to predict too. but the battles are fiercer, the ice is a nice touch, and the plot does come to a conclusiveness the previous didn't. I like it. It plays on some emotional strings the previous seemed to skip past, has a great cast, and concludes well, but still... it's clearly a sequel for the sake o a sequel, and the title too seems to promise something a bit more.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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