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So Many Movies

There are so many movies! So, many movies. And I like watching them. Maybe a bit too much. In difference from the times of old, there are so many movies out there that we won't actually have a chance to watch through them all in a regular life-time, even if watching movies is our one and only hobby, or even our work. Even if it's all we ever do. Even if we only watch the movies we expect to like. Well, I don't know about you, but in my case that amounts to an incredibly vast and varied selection of movies.

I've been catching up on old and new titles alike, and every time it seems like I've seen all the good ones - all the ones I want to see, I go looking around and find another batch that would last any normal individual a week or more. Do I watch too much? Well, it's not a waste of time if you like doing it, is it? So I tell myself.

I ponder venturing down a road as a movie critic, yet when I once in a while stop by sites like IMDB to read a review or two, I'm always surprised by how negative the critics are, and that gives me a distaste for the profession. Why can't everyone just enjoy the movie? Why do they have to get stuck on the most trivial details, and let those minuscule things ruin what could have been an awesome experience?

The reviews I read make it seem like the people writing them take pride in finding flaws: in finding reasons as to why not to like the pieces they just watched, when they could instead be having a good time and focusing on what they did appreciate. Optimism grows. Think positive, and you'll become positive, and the world will be positive, and if you like movies maybe the movies will become good. But then again, if all movies were incredibly hyped up and everybody loved everything, maybe I'd be the one standing in front of the sun trying to nurture a shadow in that overwhelming light.

The conclusion I'm coming to here, if there is one: is that I really like movies.

I like the breaks in the routine with which I relate them, that ease with which you can - depending on chosen genre - either learn something, or flee whatever hardships you're currently facing in life, or inspire yourself to make a change. Martial arts. Fighting. Dance. Animation and drama. Even musicals. There are so many different types and tastes to savor and appreciate, that'll empower you to do things! Or learn things! Or simple make you laugh and relax!

Every once in a while I just feel like pointing this out. So I'm writing this little causerie in between the childish but fun Race to Witch Mountain (2009) and Black Dynamite, from that same year, and judging by the cover it seems great. I can't say anything more about it because I haven't seen it yet.

Unless I'm watching movies with friends or on the big screen, I rarely ever watch a trailer, rarely descriptions, and sometimes I don't even need to see the cover to type in a title on my watchlist, one in which every word fills me with expectation and exhilaration. There are so many movies. So, many movies. And I like watching them.


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