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So Much To Read, No Less To Write

The Internet today could probably keep me captivated for ten lifetimes. And I don't mean today as in now, the modern tidings, I literally mean today, Thursday. There is so much information I would happily partake in that I will never find, and so much information I do find that I never have time to put in mind. Just yesterday I realized I've never read much about Martial Arts online, so I found myself a blog called Martial Development and read through the first few posts. They linked to a few other great blogs and I went there as well, and read a few posts. And after reading some more posts four hours had passed. I didn't spend these four hours just sluggishly browsing through blog posts, I efficiently skimmed through every single one I read, but even skimming through takes time when you have your mind set on reading maybe a million words about the arts of the Asian mind.

There is an unthinkable amount of subjects out there, and an insane amount of daily vents of emotion, thought, facts & at good times wisdom. I haven't found a thousandth of it yet, I never will. The net keeps growing constantly. More and more people gain access to this bright exchange-world of information and after exploring they give themselves into the game too, blogging, posting on forums, uploading various forms of media, and everything grows. I read somewhere how much data was shared online last year, and if my mind isn't tricking me now I think it was somewhere along the lines of 1,400,000,000 PETABYTES!!! I have two 1TB (terabytes) drives by my computer, they fit a lot, I've been intensely adding files to them for a couple of years, they're not full. 1TB is 1/1000 of 1PB. 1,400,000,000 is a frigging HUGE AMOUNT OF DATA. I estimate that in the average year I partake in less than 1PB, probable somewhere between 100-400TB. Text doesn't take much space, nor do images. Most of the data online consists of these elements, and they've reached insane size levels.

So where does this lead us? It brings us to the fact that all information on the net - not even the most important information of various subjects - can never, ever, be indexed by a single individual. I'd like to be such an individual, but I'm not. Most of you probably don't have the same obligation in attaining new information as I do, but it doesn't matter, it can't be accomplished and that is the bottom line. Not even if you read all day, and it's not like you can read all day, you need to other things too - like write. I could write all day. Actually I probably couldn't, but I've never written so much that it drained away my inspiration or flow of thought and stopped me from continuing, in the worst case scenario I hesitate between words, unsure of how to formulate my thoughts or which ones to express, or mental exhaustion just blanks my mind out at times. With poetry, inspiration can seize, but with regular writing - blogs - stories - etc, I think, though I've never tested it in practice, that I could literally write out entire days on end.

Of course this is all thanks to the intake of information above, the more I read, the more I write. The more I read, the more I want to write. Which brings us to plain fact number two, I as an individual will never be able to write out all thought, expression, emotion, fact and perspective that I have contained. I might repeat things, but I would never be able to write out a full note of all things in mind. Never. Each fact probably has with it a hundred perspectives, emotions, expressions and thoughts in relation. Each emotion is probably based on a hundred facts and perspectives, each with different facts. Each perspective is based on all the previous elements, and so on. When studying any element of thought new conclusions can always come to, based upon existing experience and knowledge.

I doubt it would be possible to count, but I wonder how much variation is possible within each pattern on thoughts? Without doubt, however, the human mind stores and conveys much much more than the impossible intake of 1,400,000,000 PB online data. How much of this can we convey to the rest of the world when not even the rest of the world together with us has time to let out more sufficiency than a single brain archives in the tenth of a decade. It's amazing.


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