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Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Solo is back! This time in a somewhat more youthful form; played by Alden Ehrenreich instead of Ford. There's Qira too (whom I've previously only been acquainted with the alias of) and a few other familiar faces. Mostly unfamiliar ones. It's the story of how he meets Chewbacca, gets the Millennium Falcon, and the somewhat tragic love story of him and Qi'ra.

I like how it all ties into the 'real' story. I like how it introduces Han. I like some of the characters too - particularly Enfys Nest and the pirates. Props Erin Kellyman, Emilia Clarke and of course Woody Harrelson on great performances, and hey there's actually someone playing Chewbacca too! Joonas Suotamo, if you didn't know (he's been Chewie for the last three movies at least). I also like the action, most of all.

What I'm not equally fond of are the Transformer-like sound effects, which IMO don't suit the Star Wars franchise. Then again I also don't like the soundtrack, which I feel is more Star Wars than whatever-fits-the-mood. Basically I don't like how they're trying to modernize certain elements, yet keep others for relatability, rather than improve all that can be improved - new or old, or keep it consistent and old. In this regard Star Trek had a much more consistent/balanced/thought-out reboot.

This is turning into... something else, and yet it's still catchy as ever. From start to finish I love it, and the plotline does feel more consistent than the eighth episode too. Overall: great movie. The fury, the fight, the Han: he's the man. And don't you be blue! Chewie too.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

March, 2022

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Figured I'd watch this one again after I'd watched the other one again!

It's still great. Still a little sad. Though compared to Rogue One... not really? Was it not as pompous? Without as flashy a light display and all? Without as much viciousness and war and all? The trip through the maelstrom was awesome, with the Kraken-like creature hidden in the cloud, but still... just felt a little lesser somehow.

But it is one hell of a movie, and story, and it goes full circle a good way. The characters are great too, and L3's a trip. When it's over it oddly felt like their breakout at the mines was more than a movie back. So I guess the end scene in particular was more captivating than I give it credit for.

The transitions are timed well. The development's wholesome.

I did love this one too, it's just a little more tame; a little more normal compared to the former (nevermind the cover).

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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