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Some Sniper Elite 3 Shots

Started playing this one earlier thinking it was Sniper Ghost Warrior 3... it's not! But it is good. It's different. It's more direct. Less waiting, more shooting. Less realistic, more fun. If you just want to run and gun.

Of course there's still a fair share of stealth required, and occasional waiting, but not excessively so. You can often move quickly. Enemies aren't as attentive as they probably would be were this real. It's an appreciative balance between stealth and more high-octane shooting.

It takes place during the second World War, and though story's not a huge part of the game it definitely makes it more enticing. The weapons are true to the time, and the enemy's seasoned and vicious. You can partake in the story if you wish, and read up along the way, or just focus on the action.

The sceneries are beautiful too, and varied. Rock, sand, castles, caves - almost tropical sceneries occasionally.

Took some (screen)shots along the way. On one of my runs. I ran through it multiple times. As I often do with games I enjoy and apparently can't get enough of. My obsessive stamp of approval that is. So anyway, screens, without further notation. Scenes, sun, sands and one bad-ass sniper...

Sniper Elite III Title Screen

The Desert... Beautiful Sands Of Crime

Standing Candid By A Canyon

Pillars Of Smoke And Terror

Hunched Over By These Pillars Of Destruction

Desert By Night

Crashing A Flight

Walkways And Pipes

The Red Light District

At The End Of All

At The Start, Cozy Home With Bombs Outside

Amidst The Murder And Wreckage

Car(go) Boom


Gray And Grimy

Beautiful Battlefield

Bridge Of... Terrorbethia?

Shady Retreat

Because I Got High

Shoot! Well Damn


That's it. That's all y'all. Good game.


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