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They say time heals all injuries, but time can cause so much as well. Time can lend you your heavens, and time can fetch you all your hells. They say time heals all minorities, the majority of time is for sale. Time can forsake you when you need it most, yet time is what will let you prevail. There have been times when I had no time. To raise my fury and shout in wrath, or lean back and relax in a steaming bath, or lie and rest, or open my eyes and laugh, or smile at the sky so blue and vast. Some times go fast, some times go slow, sometimes we don't know where the good times go. There have been many times, and there are many still ahead, so I'll keep striving to find, the good times before I'm dead.


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Jan/11/2020


  2. Cyber
    Monday Jan/13/2020

    ...poetry? Times? That I'm striving for them before the final imploring?

  3. S3C
    Monday Jun/19/2023

    I have no idea...but this was 3.5 years ago. Here take my 20-year biopic that I'll post here because I don't want to poast on NewGrounds:

    2003: Got into beatboxing and drumming. Used friends and church drumsets. Acquired Cool Edit Pro.

    2004: Parents wouldn't let me get a drum set so I settled on a guitar instead. Started taking lessons.

    2005: Was 'okay' at guitar by the end of the year. Obtained a multi effects pedal and started lo-fi 1/8" recording.

    2006: Obtained FL Studio free version and began my forray into digital sequencing. That was a blast and I made lots of loops, quality was subpar but the charm and musicality was there. Quit guitar lessons as I got my first job.

    2007: Acquired FL Studio full version and started getting more serious with music production. Started uploading to Newgrounds and wrote lots of reviews. Before NewGrounds was half @ssed attempts on Soundclick and MySpace.

    2008: Easily my most productive year for music. Wrote even more reviews, was active in NewGrounds audio portal and other audio communities. Obtained EastWest Symphonic libraries and started producing cinematic-styled music. Learned you could automate knobs in FL Studio, and that opened up a whole new realm of possibilities to which I dabbled with EDM and electronica styles of music. Got a full keyboard, Started taking piano lessons and took up music major at school. Was featured in Paranoias Flash Game "Inquisitive Dave" which was a big deal at the time and then Tom Fulps "Madness Regent" which was an ever bigger deal. Across NewGrounds and other platforms including YouTubes, my track Abyssal Industry has amassed over a million listens.

    2009: Overall solid year for music. Started to delve in deeper to the production aspects and got into jazz music. Acquired a new guitar.

    2010: Another solid year for music. Acquired a new guitar and looper pedal. Started playing guitar in a jazz ensemble and started taking guitar lessons with a wise man, which lasted until I moved in 2019 :'(. Although I think this was the year when I noticeably had an imaginary wall that was preventing me from living with music as much as I should. So due to existential problems, I quit taking piano lessons and shifted my focus on a academic studies to biology. I've since learned that the imaginary wall had nothing to do with music, but it was the most apparent with music, because that was what I was passionate about the most. Whatever anxiety I had, would not be alleviated from running from it. And it didn't matter the field, the thought that breaking into the music profession was harder than engineering is spurious. I had to work equally hard and face the same insecurities. And while I like my job now, a day doesn't go by thinking about where I would be if I continued to pursue music with the same intent and focus I started with in 2008. With all that said I by no means quit performing, making, or taking music classes though.

    2011: Not a bad year for music either. Acquired my latest guitar. Joined a guitar troupe which I played with in some capacity until I moved in 2019 :'( Still steady output of tunes despite a swap in career paths and not posting anything on NewGrounds. Hey you were pretty much absent this year. Also stopped reviewing with regularity this year but I remember there being a lot of killer games in 2011!

    2012: Decent, steady, but non-descript year for musical endeavors. Most of my musical peers that continues with their music pursuits had paying music jobs by now, whether it be gigging or teaching.

    2013: The most solid music year since 2010. highlight: first collab with Cyberdevil (unreleased). I think this is the year I can say I'm decent at guitar. Several epic jam sessions to be had. Oh yeah and there was the New Grounds game jam which I made music for, and we won...even if there was only two other contestants. Also acquired a fancier multi-effects pedal with a small 20-second looper that I still use. And a recording interface which I don't really use but should.

    2014: Downtick in musical activity this year, but not bad. Two Cyberdevillian colabs published. Purchased a decent set of microphones.

    2015: Uptick in musical activity: started the SumirS3CJams project. Decent success for what it's worth. Used in several flash submissions and YouTubes videos. Good year for the guitar troupe I was in. Some other smaller Cyberdevillian colabs on the side I think.

    2016: Even better year for music. Some epic jams to be had. Peak activity with the guitar troupe. Computer bricked which was unfortunate. Retained all my projects and audio files but lost some legacy software that I still haven't been able to recover. Did get a faster computer though that can handle more but unfortunately it has an audio driver with an in-built compressor/limiter which is damn annoying and I have to workaround.

    2017: And the rise in activity increases- second best year ever behind 2008. Joined a rock-band of sorts and had some epic jams. Probably the year I performed the most. Highlight though, was getting my hands on Logic and the recording studio at my school. Logic had a bit of a learning curve, but it's more powerful than FL Studio and better equipped for recording MIDI with it's quantization algorithms and what not. And it's great for sequencing music against videos; scored a few films this year. Oh I forgot, I joined a gamelan ensemble too and got in touch with some industry professionals.

    2018: Downtick this year due to studies. Played guitar a lot though. Highlight was taking an advanced media composition course and made some of my more professional sounding tunes, unreleased on NewGrounds for now. So overall a solid year.

    2019: Significant downtick unfortunately. Was busy, and didn't have access to Logic :'(. This was the year I was supposed to fuse my upgraded computing skills with music, so I purchased Max. But I didn't really get around to using it.

    2020: Not a whole lot of activity this year. Did start playing piano and guitar a bit more when COVID hit.

    2021: Perhaps a little more producitivty with music in 2021. Revved up an old music program and started learning a couple of jazz guitar solos...but then stopped. Contributed to a game jam and wrote the music for it. Highlight: Renewing an old epic collab with Cyberdevil.

    2022: This was the post-Covid year of high ambitions including music, but I have nothing to show for it.

    2023: The downtrend continues. I purchased an expensive looping pedal hoping it would spur new interests, but it's become more chore than pleasure. I've used it twice. Didn't renew some of my music software/library subscriptions. Simply, one does not retire from music and people who claim to, are liars. Making music is not like playing a professional sport where all bodies decay and can no longer compete at the highest level when approaching middle-age. But I feel I don't currently have any interest, just nostalgia and relieving pasttimes that I was once quite passionate about.

  4. Cyber
    Tuesday Jun/20/2023

    Indeed time has passed, yet again, relentlessly it goes into the folds of growing old, with new regrets and bitter woes that fill our souls as killer strolls...

    But what a biopic! Impressive annotation and venture through the musical life and times...

    2003 - Beatboxing, man!!! Have you posted any such showcases on NG? Do you still beatbox? That's an Inktober idea if ever there was one, haven't rapped to a beatbox since littlbox before the grand prophesized revolution of Flash came about again... I remember Cool Edit Pro though, with correlated Diamond Rimz cross-compatibility mix/recording/whatever-it-was issues. :)

    2004 - Imagine how different things might've been if you'd gotten that kit instead, interesting...

    2005 - Wonder how much the NG stuff showcases this progression now, must go back sometime...

    2006 - Still kept playing guitar without lessons though? I got my hands on FL Studio around the same time as you did, wonder if I had the free one too, can't recall, may have pirated then...

    2007 - Woooah man you have a MySpace! Still there? Same name? Is the current Soundclick the same Soundclick of old too? I remember that name but don't recognize the platform when I visit now...

    2008 - I never did get to the automation stage of production myself. XD Do hear it's useful. And Madness Regent man holy hell, a Tom Fulp game, I do not recall that! What an awesome year overall. What kind of keyboard did you have back then? That's an awesome amount of listens too, impressive, did not realize you were on other platforms also...

    2009 - What kind of guitar?

    2010 - Another new guitar! What kind now? Reminder to chase your dreams fully, the more time goes the more distraction; the harder it gets too... do you still keep in touch with the guitar guru though? Sounds like an awesome dude. It never is too late to swap paths either, if you really want to, with the level of sonic skills you have acquired at this point no less...

    2011 - Should post a list of all your guitars too sometime. ;) I at least am intrigued. That move man... ahh and if I was absent then maybe this was just a while after my account was hacked at NG too; I ran into an existential crisis of sorts also...

    2013 - Hard to believe we didn't start on anything way before this. :) Guess my aforementioned crisis led me to focus a bit more on music too at this point, over just straight up spamming the portal with whatever means I had of making materials, in the multitude of forms they used to be. Would be cool to get that ol' track out before this year's over btw, ten year anniversary now. What kind of recording interface was that? Curious 'bout all these deets now man, do you use firewire? What kind of XLR cables do you have? Amps? Nice year overall here, have good memories of 2012-2013 too, remember getting back to NG with a whole new purpose then, and collaborating on things outside of music as well. Starting really feeling like a part of the community.

    2014 - We did? Two?! Oh yeah we did, the summer time times then, the good and grand and then momentarily hopeless times, ongoing/sporadic life crisis devices... what kind of microphones? XD

    2015 - Loved those jams. Mmm I think we did the summer time remix this year at least, maybe more unreleased...

    2016 - Was this the year you got that high-end laptop to replace the stationary, or that later? So far all my computers since my age-old Compaq Presario ~2003 have needed an external sound card to get recordings right, not sure about compressor/limiter - maybe that's the issue there too - there's just too much disturbance and latency if you just plug things in directly. But with any kind of go-between: totally alright.

    2017 - Oh hell yeah! Does the band still exist/have a name/site/music online? Gamelan sounds like a computer networking thing but... aha! I learn. XD Sounds like an awesome year.

    Did you move from FL Studio to Logic entirely after this? Different software for different use cases?

    2018 - Overall you really have been progressing at a steady pace all these years, no real downtime, steady learning new things; progressing constantly. Intrigued to some day hear those tracks too now!

    2019 - Cycling74's Max? FYI it's also Sweden's by far best fast food franchise.

    2020 - Definitely was an interesting year this one...

    2021 - Old but gold. :) Glad you revived it!

    2022 - The pandemic was over but... not really. Financial uncertainties. Volatile international relations. Weakened immune systems post isolation. Overall didn't really turn out the great restart it was by some prophesized to be...

    2023 - Curious about looping pedal specs too. :P Hmm, when you look at active musicians nearing their supposed end-of-years I get the impression that music truly keeps you alive. It's like a force of life. It's like some magical means of attaining a symbiosis between humans, or between us and the world, creating not just meaning but connection; resonating with all that is in this universe, somewhat... the year's started unideally here as well but I'm sure we'll get the best of it before it's over! Interests may come and go, maybe you'll get it back, maybe musical passion's a reflection of your overall situation in life; the interest curve follows your state of emotional balance, but then again real lows fuel grand audial compositions too... well, anyway... beatbox jam this Inktober maybe? Or other? Plans and all been going so-so so far this year but I hope to be back on the audio/inspiration/vent train again then, would be fun to try something new if you're in a mood for it too.

    Maybe nostalgia comes with a move too btw. The past's comfort. New location = all the more want to get some of that back...

  5. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/21/2023

    2003: no beatboxes on NewGrounds, but there is this

    2004: probably would have joined a church band, had a church girlfriend, and never created an account on NewGrounds

    2005: it's a lot yet not much

    2006: ironically you pirated FL Studio free version...

    2007: one of my Myspaces still exists, but their server crashed a while ago wiping ~90% of images and audio. SoundlCick- wow, yep, it's still there. Wasn't expecting that.

    2008: well time to step up! It's the same keyboard I have now: Casio Privia. Before that was just a clown keyboard more or less. I'm not on other platforms, well, I don't have accounts, but people have used my music posted on NewGrounds else where.

    2009: electric

    2010: acoustic. talked to him a month ago actually first time post-covid! Seems to have retired. School considerably cut back on arts offerings which is depressing. Old classmate took over his role though.

    2011: sometime. yeah you were gone mid 2010 to late 2012...just depositing XP and making your summer vacation posts.

    2012: (not intense & non-mentionable)

    2013: recording interface is Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, XLR cables I don't know the name I just bought them at an elecronics store, I don't use my amp for recording but I have a Fender Mustang 20w. Don't use firewire...for connecting to PC, just standard USB?? nice1!

    2014: 2 MXL 990 condensor mics...what's so funny XD

    2015: thanks! yeah it was released in 2015, recorded in 2014 though?

    2016: indeed was! most older sound-cards don't have compressors or they are minimally interfering or easy to shut off. with this soundcard now it more or less saturates the sound and I can't mix at a flat level to hear the raw sound. You can kind of think of it like autocorrect but you can't turn it off.

    2017: no/yes/no/must be somewhere online, but I can't find it...LOL

    different use cases to a certain degree as some of the plugins are only Windows compatible?? I didn't try converting them to mac .aus (not sure how well that works) but if I owned a Mac, I would port as much as I could over and never look back if possible...

    2018: dope

    2019: Yeah, that's the one! and I think you told me that before...

    2020: for mostly all the wrong reasons...


    2022: 2023 has been worse so far...I'd say 2021 > 2022 > 2020 > 2023 for me

    2023: specs- 99 recording slots (not sure how much space/time per file), two individual instrumental layers/channels that you can turn on off or overdub, 32-bit audio (previous one I had was 16 bit), programmable switches, built in delay and volume FX, a wide assortment of built in rhythms (kinda gimmicky but whatever), a visual metronome LED interface. Cons: no arm recording (wtf!), buttons aren't as easy to hit as other pedals, didn't come with a power supply, can be battery operated but the batteries die after two hours of usage WTF! so it's nice, but I don't think it's worth the extra 300$ of the previous looper pedal I had (and gave away in 2017), and I'm more comfortable using the in-built 20 second looper on my multi-effects pedal. But I haven't been inspired to sit down and really dig into the new one. Word.

  6. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/21/2023

    you also spelled Diode wrong...

  7. Cyber
    Wednesday Jun/21/2023

    2003: Dammmmn man I didn't remember that one at all. XD My energy and pacing somewhat bring down the composition there but your instrumental enhancement; beatboxing (don't know if I realized that it was last time) certainly redeem it a bit... almost has a Limp Bizkitty kind of grittiness to get.

    2004: Oh hey you actually didn't create an account on NG till 2007... how did you find your way there anyway? That certainly would've been a very different path hmm... maybe not an all bad alternative, a purpose to furnish all, but all these grounded musical contributions collaborations and communion without then... 'ppreciate the guitar jar.

    2005: A truth of truths...

    2006: Haha XD I mean I... well, yeah, I have no idea. That's not impossible either...

    2007: Ah well that sucks, I might've known that. One profile still there though you say hmm, intriguing... is your SoundClick one? Seems you may have gone by names I do not know there.

    2008: I know! Someday, sometime, when time... Nice, Casio Privia. I have a Yamaha keyboard up North, don't recall model, shall check next time. Here in Bro a CLP-311. Wonder if you could content ID yourself some retrospective profit on any of that material over on YT hmm...

    2009: *thumbsupnice!*

    2010: *nicetoo!* Nice re:contact, bummer re:cutting down on art programmes... I hear here in Sweden the same teachers in music/art/etc have to manage around four hundred students per semester, kinda crazy. Imagine what a utopian place the world could be if we all just connected a bit more with our inner selves, sound seeps into the soul man... every class could use a whole band.

    2011: Looking forward! You keep better track of me than I do myself. :/

    2012: XD (I simply had nothing to comment on, question or further ponder there)

    2013: Oh hey, I'm on a Focusrite Scarlett myself now! Since I moved from firewire to USB. It's a... 2nd Gen.

    I hear cable quality greatly affects background noise and latency and all too, though ditto, have cheap non-brand varieties.

    Ah Fender seems like a good brand too... that's a pretty small one right? Does it ever clip/not handle the output? I bought a no-brand amp myself with a starter guitar myself earlier. It eh... sucks. :/ Think it had a similar power output though...

    2014: Just this ongoing barrage of spec-related questions allofasudden. XD Oh those are good! I have a TSM ??? myself that I can't seem to get working, thought it was the same for a minute, they look pretty similar.

    2015: Oh I recorded both the same summer? You're right man... impressive memory.

    2016: Ahh that explains why it worked better back in the day, good to know. I had some 3,5m microphones I used to just plug right into the computer and record stuff with early on, but with newer ones it's just impossible. So how do you compensate for the saturation with the new one? Something you need extra hardware for?

    2017: Oh no. XD If I knew the name I could search around a bit too hmm hmm...

    So Logic was on Mac? I wonder if it's possible to emulate stuff like this, wonder how that'd work with soundcards and such, can you for example emulate a soundcard required for certain software compatibility on an entirely different device...

    I've been emulating some old Mac games via Windows 10 recently FYI, with BasiliskII, took a while to setup but works great now, no lag or notably high hardware load. :) Crashes very rarely.

    2018: *thumbsupnice!*

    2019: Cool. Some day maybe they'll branch out to the US and you can try 'em. ;) Currently they have best alternative GF burger bun bread out here too.

    2020: Yes that is right...

    2021: :coin: <- as in gold

    2022: Hmm recent years are difficult to distinguish for me, don't remember exactly what happened in 2021 and what in 2020, personally thinks really weren't that bad during the pandemic years, I regained hope in humanity for a bit, pollution cleared up, people united, seemed like we'd hit the rock bottom required to climb, and I bought a car, I started working from home, winters were tougher as covid ramped up and restrictions rolled in but summers were great then, I think for me it'd be say... 2020 and/or 2021, I can't differentiate well enough now > 2022 > 2023. Been heading downhill for a while now but just waiting on things to turn again. XD Hopefully that order will shift before the year's over...

    2023: Woo that's a lot! What brand's that? Any noticeable difference with the 16/32 bit upgrade? Say... what's arm recording exactly?

  8. Cyber
    Wednesday Jun/21/2023

    Wait where did I even attempt to spell Diode???

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