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Some Updates On Life

So lately my connection speed is maxing out around 300kbps instead of the traditional 800kbps and obviously I wonder why. I checked BakaBT's blog for the first time in a long time and finally got to see some pictures of the people who work there. Seems like an interesting staff. I've learned that a Muai Thai fighter has the strength to kick through both Ash and Maple baseball bats and that soccer/football players do not. I've been watching Parkour vids until I just have to run.

It's never too early to shop Christmas presents, so I went yesterday, we had guests over later the same day, I'm on my way to a Halloween party in a few minutes, my sister's birthday is coming up the day after tomorrow, I have an assignment deadline on Monday, I was going to draw a card but I wonder if I'll make it and a fake support representative from Microsoft tried to scam me two days back. I've been working on getting this site nice and tidy but I'm not getting anywhere.

Prices on hard-drives are rising drastically due to the flood in Thailand, I saw the perfect computer on sale but it was sold out, Yahoo is offering disposable email addresses along with their paid plan and I'm tempted to upgrade, I bought a new cellphone for 1SEK (no subscription) that I'll probably never use and today the sun is shining so intensely I can walk around bare-skinned without even a chill. Keep in mind that the snow is usually piling at this time of the year.

So currently such is life. Later.


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