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Sometimes We Suffer Because...

Sometimes we suffer because we are stuck in a chapter we are meant to grow out of.

In reference to Bam Margera's recent and possibly ongoing breakdown above, though it hit close to home too...


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/9/2021

    Bam Margera needs to grow up and I blame him for encouraging my friend to peer pressure me into doing obnoxious things when I was younger

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Jun/9/2021

    Hmm! What kind of entertaining activities did you happen to partake in as a youngin now?

    Really never was a fan of how he mistreated his family back in the day, but yeah, he does. It's just sad to see now. And hits close though cause you never know how life goes if you might lean till you're equally down.

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