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Soul Link 1

Soul Link is an anime about a bunch of cadets who go to space to train on space station Aries, and a bunch of things happens. I started watching it since I had some spare time studies to do, and decided to review the lot of them at the same time. This episode pretty much introduces all the characters, so, here we go! There's...


Ryouta, the main character!


He's traveling together with Sayaka and...


Nao. Right now. :)


They run into Kazuhiko, the rich guy.

Ryouta In Boobs

Ryouta also runs into a pair of boobs, belonging to...


Yuu. He's flustered; she doesn't really care. Flashforward to...

Space Station Aries

The Aries space station, where most of the story will take place!

Cellaria Markelight

There they meet their instructur, a busty bimbo (their words) by the name of...

Cellaria Markelight Again

Cellaria Markelight.

Dandy Morimo

There's also Dandy Morimo, a... handyman? He speaks to Yuu. Also, Yuu has a gun. We don't know why yet.


Also, Shuuhei, Ryoutas older/genius brother.


This is Karen.


And this is Gale. Tbey're both terrorists... but we don't know that yet. They bump into...


This mysterious girl. No name yet! Also, Nao seems to have a crush on Shuuhei. Shuuhei is on his way to the station, and now, the training begins!


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