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Pawing Cellera

So, you thought Cellaria just wanted money? Nah, she wants to become a superior being.

Least that's what Shin says. Here's a flashback into a past when she worked as a researcher, and she wasn't treated very well. So that maybe explains her psychopathic tendencies a little. Shin was on her side though, back then, and helped her with research. It stayed that way till (in the last episode) he had to chose between her and his sister.

Living Nightmare, Skura

Way back, Cellera started conducting strange experiments on people. The laboratory she worked in burned down, she died, but she lives still. Cause she's a perfect Skura. Here's the explanation!

Skura is a cell with regenerative properties that was created by accident. It has three important properties:

- No limit to the number of cells that can undergo mitosis.
- Like a cancer cell it generates extraordinary amounts of telomerase.
- Potential Fluctuation Sympathy makes Skura keep behaving as a human.

Perfect Skura (Cellera) controls other Skura through the potential Fluctuation Sympathy, so she can control everyone. Get that? Yeah me neither, except the fact that she can control people.

Like He Doesn't Give A ...

Expressing Craziness

Blasted To Smithershit

Anyway, the tough guy and the little girl are escaping. They run into a bunch of Skura, but keep going.


Cellaria is getting bored, she reverses the thrusters, Aries is going down!

In A Rainbow Light

Also, people speak a lot. There are a lot of potential good guys with skura in their system ready to go amok. Who set us up the bomb? Next ep!


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