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Soul Link 12

Final episode! A lot of things happen, but the major events are:

- Skura infested soldiers breach the groups safe haven.
- Morimoto saves Sayaki, at the expense of his own life.
- It turns out Nagasaki Sayaka was his daughter. She didn't know it.
- Nanamim (the stowaway) confronts Cellaria and kills her by touching her.
- Nanamim is not human, or Skura, she's a hybrid. Guess who's daughter she is?
- People are fighting all over the place.
- Aries crashes somewhere.

But, the group manage to escape in one of Jararacas (the terrorist group) leftover ships before that. Onto the episode...

Bloody SLASH

After Gale dies, Karen goes on a rampage.

Deja Vu?

Seem familar?

Dandy's Sacrifice

The dude ^ is about to fire at Sayaki, when Mirimoto jumps in.

Ryouko Shocked

Ryouko is shocked. He's not much help at all.

Flashback In A Photo

A photo of Dandy's photo. Doh.

Shin / Yuu

At the doors, Shin & Yuu prepare themselves...

Cellera face Cellera.

The Confrontation

The rest of the group arrive. They're all there, apart from Dandy & Gale... but Cellera has already been confronted, by the Stowaway. She's dead. Obliterated. Gone. Shuuhei is OK.

Dead Man Down

Aries In The Atmosphere

It Can't Be Fixed

Space station Aries crashes, but the good guys escape just in time! Some time later...

Yuu & Shin

Shuuheki & Nao & What's Her Name Again...


Ryouko & Sayaki


Karen & The Rich Guy

It's Okay :)

The pictures say more than the many things the characters say at the end, and that's all. It was a short and ... decent twelvology. Next series! :)


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