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Shuuhei's been shot. Celleria hugs a terrorist so the group will have time to shut the gates and get back to safety. Yuu shuts the door because Celleria tells her to; not everyone is happy with her decision. A fight breaks out, but it calms down.


Turns out she's really working with the enemy though. What's her motive? Why not stay undercover?

Also, Shuuhei's bullet wound heals in no time. Turns out he's 'infected' with Skura. Whazzat? No one knows. Same thing with the soldier that melted away. He confront Yuu, who it's now revealed has a gun (but you knew that already) though she wasn't alloted one earlier. Turns out she's a mercenary, working for Jararacas, the same group that the terrorists are employed with. Turns out the group is split in two fractious. Yuu is on Aries to make sure things don't go as the other fraction plans, in the end to save their asses and make them indebted to 'her' fraction. For now though, she sides with the group.


Unrelated picture. That will be all.


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