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Soul Link 7


A mysterious stowaway is found.

The Confrontation

Shuuhei confronts Yuu... but wait... didn't this happen in the last episode? Here's another shot from the last episode, Shuuhei & Nao spending some time together...

Sex Scene

In this episode, Shuuhei leaves on a maintenance craft for another part of the station occupied by the terrorists. He confronts Celleria and makes her reveal her plan to everyone through a transmitter he keeps on. All Cellaria wants is money, she claims. She also wants Shuuhei to join her, being the only 'test subject' she can't control and all, but he won't have anything to do with her.

Skura infected soldiers attack and Nao is injured seriously, but she heals miraculously. A little Skura in her maybe? Next episode!


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