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Soul Link 8

Craft Approaching

Maintenence Vehicle

A maintenence vehicle approaches. It seems to be the same one Shuuhei-kun left on. Question is, is he on it now?

Karen Tachibana

Nope, it's Karen. She introduces herself.

Yuu's Gun

Things are about to get guns-a-la-blazing until our hero calms everybody down. she comes in peace, everybody listens as she tells her story...

The People

It turns out Cellaria's gone rampant with Skura, infecting everybody, taking over. Shuuhei told her about it, they teamed up, then they split up.

Mysterious Girl In Mysterious Situation

She's Stuck

Meanwhile, there are other problems...


Back at base, they look at insects and speak about life and stuff.

The Group

Open Gates

Yuu-san, the girl who likes Shuuhei and the butler-type-guy want to get Shuuhei. Yuu-san volunteers. Main character makes Yuu-san promise to return, no matter what! Also notice the super-modern 3d effects on the vehicle. So then...

Space Time

Next episode!


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