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Space Truckers (1996)

Space Truckers (1996)

Now this movie was ahead of it's time! :D Creative eighties sci-fi here we come, and with surprisingly well-added space angles in the mix: Things floating around the cabin, a slanted camera view to make it seem they're walking on walls, etc. The special effects are still mostly crap, but year of release considered I'm impressed! Well maybe not impressed but... refreshed? Even if they look bad they make it look fun, and the props are impressive, especially the robotic soldiers (Google the designer), and the Captain. RoboCop eat your heart out.

Never mind the lighter that lights up even in outer space, or the items floating around the cabin that maintain their position even when they crash - goofs as they may be, details like those also add on an appreciated layer of aesthetic appeal. It's fun to watch, basically. Don't stress the spots. The props are top notch, and the special effects do pop: like the rock block hop scotch. Outdated and unrealistic, sure, but what a ride.

The cast's a limited but good one, composed mainly of Dennis Hopper, Debi Mazar and Stephen Dorff. They play two space truckers and a girl looking to get back to Earth who all wind up on the same ship, carrying a secret supply of cyborg soldiers meant to be put into orbit around Earth and enslave the population... sort of. Things don't go according to plan however and our unwilling heroes are set to face a set of vicious foes in a fight both for their own survival and the future of the world!

Trucking to the stars! Sticking it to the man. It's got the right message, along with a witty - often overly wordy (in a good way) script and characters like out of a comic. I can't find any mention of inspirations behind the movie, but I do wonder if it might have been inspired by Ace Trucking Co - a comic I've read quite a bit of. The characters (in their demeanor more than their appearance) and locales seem somewhat similar, though maybe there are more Space Trucking movies out there than I know. This is my first one.

If there are more: I want to see them!

Stuart Gordon directed this. He's apparently the guy behind some of my old favorites like Re-Animator and... well, that's it. That's all I've seen of him so far, but I wouldn't mind going on a marathon with the rest of them. Real props. Imaginative, Earthly horror with plenty of sci-fi elements. This is one kind of movies I really miss these days. Crappy special effects or no it had something a lot of movies now lack: true creative freedom! Great watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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