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Special Unit (2017)

Special Unit (2017)

SURRENDER! Before they hurt themselves.

Handicapped police officers? And a bad cop. And a mayor who wants him fired. And a lieutenant who wants the same. Yeah.

It's great. Personalities. Sometimes you don't know if they're really acting either (i looked it up - they are! They're good).

It started out a bit corny, but when it's over I'm glad I watched it after all. Reminds me of Police School. Just a bit different. And newer. And totally out of line.

It seems to also have been based on a similar TV movie from back in 2006, which I'm inclined to take a gander at too.

I don't usually appreciate American comedy so much but... this is over the right kind of line, and with a message too... I guess? Sometimes seems a bit simple but... it's not bad. Really. Give it a chance.

Just like the stereotype.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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