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Speed 2 - Cruise Control (1997)

Speed 2 - Cruise Control (1997)

Last time I watched this movie I didn't like it that much, but it might've been because I watched it right after the original Speed and was expecting something on par with that grand classic. It's not quite on par with that one, but it holds its own ground well. The action, the caribean atmosphere, the final cruise ship stunt... that's all awesome, and though I'm continually annoyed at the main character's somewhat apathetic acting, at least Sandra Bullock manages to stay charming, and I've always liked that Hawain dude that plays captain.

The biggest flaws of this movie, as I see them:

  • The CGI scene of the cruiser colliding with the oil tanker, where it's clearly apparent the cruise ship was animated in. That part breaks the atmosphere a bit (if it was a glacier I could say break the ice there, hmm, Titanic pun - not fun).
  • The CGI scene with the underwater propellers.
  • The scene where they are diving under water inside the ship, and it's during one short moment made clear that there is always air above their heads if they really need to dive upwards. Thus effectively eliminating the sense of danger.
  • All those scenes when the characters reach the surface, shake their heads, bob back underwater and resurface and shake their heads again. All that head-shaking bugs me considerably for some reason.
  • The villain's eventual ignorance... considering he did seem like a pretty smart man in the beginning. There is a moment where he comes off as dangerous and dangerously genius, but over time that impression fades away, a process which speeds up drastically towards the end.
  • The navigator continually shouting out their speed as they ram the port; continually also faltering right before the 'knots'. That could use some variation.

Aaaand... that's it, I think that's it. The atmosphere on the ship's nice and dandy, or chaotic and exciting (it varies), and the tension keeps you afloat during the entire watch. It's really a boatload of action with some comedy intertwined, and it strikes me now (it didn't last time I watched it - I'm ashamed to admit) there's also some pretty clever wordplay in the title.

The relationship between the two main characters (kinda disappointed Keanu Reeves isn't half of the duo though) is occasionally tense and occasionally romantic, there are a shitton of sidekicks, and just one antagonist (ever thought about how terrorist dramas on ships usually feature an entire crew?). Just a few notes. Even though this movie is quite old, considering you'd think the story would've been repeated to death already, it's a pretty refreshing and innovative tail of adventure at see. Not like the norm. Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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