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Speed To The Sun (2011)

Speed To The Sun (2011)

Two brothers (are brothers). One is a street racer. One gets killed. The mother falls ill. The other needs money to finance a bone marrow transplant, and agrees to deal with a gangster, so called boss of the Shadow Gang, and then... things could get intense if the actors were better...

It's a cops and robbers movie that kinda reminds of Fast & Furious but is much much incredibly much more low-budget. They play one Cypress Hill track over and over, which I guess must've eaten up most of the production money. It is a good track, but the balance between volume of music/sound is totally off, so you barely get to hear it anyway. People are dancing off-tune. The actors are... OK, the racing isn't really racing but there is some good driving, the fights are ridiculous in how you see that nothing really hits or does any damage, the sound effects are decent, the plot's not bad in itself but the movie, unfortunately, is. It's just full of clich├ęs, lack of emotion and low-budget (or maybe I should say bad, budget isn't always a constraint) filming. The latter would've been OK if the actors were great, and if they sped up a few scenes, or added a few more in between, but they didn't.

It could've been much better if they just... made something better. Shame.

 rated 1/5: shit shit shit


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