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Spies Of Warsaw (2013)

Spies Of Warsaw (2013)

It's a little slow. It's a little casual. It's a little... not sure what, but it doesn't go all the way.

And when I see the old buildings I'm suddenly thinking how that's what those old buildings look like today. How we're remaking history with these.

Each time you see old locales in a new movie - where they haven't actually made a whole new set for said movie - we're not conveying history as it were, but actually remaking it.

It's history as it is now. Old buildings carefully selected as to still seem old, and new actors playing old roles, and when you see it like that... I'd much rather actually watch an old movie, where the locales really were locales of said time. Not the refurbished and remaining.

Cinema history's living history.

Even if the premise of whatever movie you play deals with the past or present in regard to said time, they still convey it with the mannerisms - and with the people - of the time at which it was filmed.

Especially back in the day when the setups weren't as complex it's like traveling through a portal; into another era.

But setting all that aside this is not bad.

It's a spy drama/romance movie dealing with a particular protagonist, David Tennant, who's stationed in Warsaw, who spies on the Nazis before the war really breaks out, and falls in love with a girl, and you know there's bound to be a twist or quirk in planning somewhere along the line...

Won't spoil that. It's classy. It feels suitably authentic. It ends...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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