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Split Second (1992)

Split Second (1992)

In a post-apocalyptic London (hey, in a not-America place for a change!) ravaged by water, the Thames slowly consuming the city: a killer is on the loose, a killer that seems less and less human the further you get. Rutger Haur chases this beast, with the unwilling (on his part) help of Oxford-graduate detective Dick Durken, who has a morbid fascination for death, and (as he commonly claims in the movie) gets laid every night.

It's a gritty movie, in a refreshingly different type of Dystopia (a future London partially submerged in water), featuring maybe not always notable, but noticeable personalities for pretty much all characters portrayed. It's one of those movies where the people really make the movie more than it might've been. That, and the realistic dystopia - a gritty, rusty, wet, blood-splattered canvas on which the main characters tread.

The violence has that awesome 80s feel, but at a contained scale, without excessive explosions and fancy effects. There's plenty of unrealistic splatter and debris flying around, but that's how I like my action! With real special effects, albeit maybe a bit excessive realism.

The script is simple, but it works, it gets you into the minds of the characters, it lets you see further than the main characters do, it prepares you and surprises you and moves consistently from scene to scene, encounter to encounter, even when it might seem to move at random. If you lose yourself, you'll know how the characters feel.

Another thing I was happy to see in this movie is the lack of censorship when it comes to nudity, blood; all intimate parts of the action without it necessarily having to contain sex or intentional profanity. It seems movies nowadays either opt in or out for the adult theme, depending on what sells, on what rating they require, but here (and in a lot old movies, I realize) it feels natural.

Overall it was a gritty, violent, awesome B-movie bout of brutal adventure with no notable flaws as far as I'm concerned. And the beast... he looks beastly! The title feels a bit generic compared to the movie content, which might explain why it's somewhat of a forgotten classic, but I'm glad I stumbled upon it somehow! Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. S3C
    Monday May/11/2015

    Gabe Newell in John Lennon sunglasses lmao

  2. Cyber
    Monday May/11/2015

    lol, a Gabe Newell in very good shape!

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