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Stand Up Guys (2012)

Stand Up Guys (2012)

Al Pacino is getting old, and so is that other guy that plays 1/2 of the main character duo. They call this a comedy, but I've never really understood how you can call a movie you never really laugh at a comedy. Are the main characters trying to be funny? Because they're not succeeding. The whole movie is a mixture of sad, depressing and attempted jokes.

Al Paccino is entertaining, sure. And when he plays against that-other-character-that-always-seems-to-have-a-spark-in-his-eye, even though he looks like he's by far grumpy enough for an old man, I can smile at what he says too. They're a good duo, and it's a good story, but it's no comedy. It's three old guys getting together, and shit happens. It never really hits the fan, not really, but there is the start of one pretty intense gunfight and the occasional action, combined with a situation overdose on boner pills that... really isn't as funny as it could've been. Maybe Al Paccino just isn't suited for this kind of film, maybe he's lost his act! It feels like he's not playing a character. He's just old and this is who he is.

The other guy might be acting, he's stiff like he usually is on the movies, and the rest of them, that young girl Alex at the cafe... sure, they act well. There's surprisingly few main characters in the movie, but they all do a good job. When the movie was done, and I'd watched without skimming or getting bored, I was genuinely surprised. So I guess it was a good movie, even though I feel both relieved and disappointed at the end of it. But it's not like the glory of Scarface will ever be relived. Somehow, I've always imagined Al Paccino was a great actor, but have I really seen any good acts of his? Apart from Scarface? Overall, I'd say he's a strong person, a personality, but act? I don't know.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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