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Star Trek 7 - Generations (1994)

Star Trek 7 - Generations (1994)

Why Kirk had to die to get this movie started is beyond me - especially when Scott and Bones both survive him, and yet their tales are left untold.

I was hoping to see more of Mr. Spock as well, but he's nowhere to be found, and the young captain aboard that ship... whatever happened to him? Not to mention Sulu's daughter. The introduction's a story left unfinished, and the fates of the former generation are left untold.

After the fatal introduction in which the legendary Captain Kirk passes, 78 years go by, and a new enterprise is introduced, along with her new crew. It's an interesting gathering of characters, though it takes a while to adjust. I miss the old.

Introducing the crew via a holographic ship was a neat idea though. It puts them in characters quickly, and Worf's admittance takes a jab at the old feud between Klingon's and Humans at the same time.

Instead of Mr. Spock, there's an android named Data. Though he lacks the distinguished personality of a half-Vulcan such as Mr. Spock, he does seem like a viable replacement. There's also the super-sighted Geordi, first officer William Riker, chief medical officer Beverly Crusher, and counselor Deanna Troi.

Data's emotional chip was a both comedic and scary experience. Forget Omens and other scary movies, the scene where he can't stop laughing is the kind of scene that could give me nightmares, though it ends well. Very well-acted.

Overall it all feels like a logical reboot, as Spock would say, and though I do miss the old characters (Bones in particular) the new ones aren't half-bad, and the villain, Soran, is a convincing one as well.

The plot ties in to a mysterious energy ribbon drifting around space, that bestows endless bliss upon those inside it. A harmless phenomena, though the human element is all but that. And of course, it all goes full circle to the introduction, the time ribbon's distortion of time allowing both new and old generation to meet, and collaborate in one final showdown. Fun fact: the farm at the end was actually Shatner's real home. The horses are his too. When you know that he lives on where he dreamed of living, in real life, the ending somehow feels a bit more satisfying.

The confrontation between generations felt strange though. Conflicting. As if the two just weren't meant to be together - and maybe that's the truth. Goodbye to the old, and good morning, brave new crew.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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