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State Zero (2015)

State Zero (2015)

I posted recently posted this short, so now, here's an official review!

Though less than 17 minutes long, State Zero's just long enough to tell a story, or to give us a glimpse of one, of the bigger picture: a world where Stockholm is laid to waste, turned to a concrete jungle that might look barren and deserted, but is really inhabited by beasts.

A small crew is sent in to investigate 'an old surveillance tower that just went offline', and it's their journey we follow - from chopper, to land, into the building and back out again.

If you look closely at the props you might notice it's not all that high-budget. Their helmets look like something you'd wear while riding a bike rather than actual protective headgear, and yet when all's combined it gives a very professional appearance, as does the scenery, the part of it that's CGI and the part of it that's not. Interiors and exteriors blend seamlessly, and the characters - the little of them we get to see - all do a great job.

Of course, not everything goes as planned for the main characters, but when things start going sour... they don't go quite as sour as we expect them to either. The premises for the short isn't particularly new or interesting, but the location is (a post-apocalyptic Stockholm), and the way in which it's presented. It leaves me wanting to know more; promising there will be. More.

As a teaser, it does a good job, and when its all over leaves anticipating the real thing, intrigued at how the mystery might reveal itself. The how, the what and the why of this alternate and strangely familiar reality.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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