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Stay Crunchy (4:07)

Hello there
My name is - Bob.

Hello there
Let me introduce myself
I'm a person
But not like anyone else

I'm not strange!
I'm not stupid you know
I know that being strange
Is classed as being a MoFo

But I'm not that kind nono
You can't deny I have flow yo
This is the way we go forward
This is the way we go - slow

Slow, slowing, down. Stay crunchy.

I like my lunch
Nice and crunchy
I like my lunch
Nearby while I'm munching

Breakfast and brunch
And snacks in between
And then fresh salad
Just to my teeth clean

I'm not fat you know!
Cause I'm not stupid yo
I know being fat
Is the same as being classed as MoFo

And I'm not one of those
In fact I'm two thirds clothes
Let the truth explose
Let’s take it slow

Stay crunchy.

Hello there
You all know be now
I'm not your typical rapper
I don't have a gun and it don't go POW

I'm not from the ghetto
Someone say "Wow"?
I lived a perfect life
Waaay up in the clouds

But then something happened
And I came falling down
Crashed into green fields
But all I felt was the hard cold ground

And it crushed all bones in me
And with that all my self-esteem
Now you know, now you see
Stay crunchy.

We rise and we fall
The world is wide and the sky is tall
And that's not all
The ground is thick and we build up walls

And the walls are thick
Thicker than pizza crust
Because we believe it's safer
Because we believe we must

But I was walking one day
When I found a wall in my way
Someone had built and forgotten
So I tried to climb it, rock bottom

It came crashing down on me
Didn't have time to run or flee
The wall was gone just left a pile
But inside it I lay a while.

Stay crunchy.

Hello there
I think you all know me now
I think you all follow my life
I think you all know how

I came to where I am
I stand up where you sit
I differ from you though
I'm not strange, no shit

I write poetry at night
When the sun at times shine bright
On the other side of the world
On the other side

Life is always brighter
Grass is always greener
Water's always bluer
This is our mean mean earth...

Stay crunchy.
Let us all stay crunchy.
Stay crunchy.
And crush all soft matter.


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