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Street Dreams - Los Angeles (2018)

Street Dreams - Los Angeles (2018)

It starts like any B-movie but then... parkour, damn! With restraint, but still. Skills.

There's not that much of it after the intro, but they bring in cars, and guns (crappy effects though), and bombs... it's not all bad. I feel like certain scenes redeem the movie more than others though. The sceneries, maybe. They gave me some real GTA SA vibes in the beginning. The rest of it... it's not all on par.

But the thing they really need to do something about are those boom mics. Or if they don't have them: get some. The audio quality is bad. Especially when they talk loudly. And in some scenes it almost seems like they're intentionally keeping their voices down as to not make the audio clip.

But I appreciate the message: it's not all about being gangster this time around. It's an FBI dream. It's something new and positive, and the characters aren't bad. Props Jordan Cann especially.

They seem to make the most of a very limited budget, and I just feel like the dialog could've been a bit more polished, the audio could have used a raise, and the CGI: don't bother. It messes a movie like this up all too easily. Would be better without.

 rated 2.5/5: almost not bad


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