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Altered Ancient Gears II

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Valgardia!

Here's a game I've been beta-testing for a while now, though unfortunately never as much as I'd wish - alas time is just never enough!

As it's nearing the final stage of development the least I can do is plug it with a page like this, and if any of you have the time to give it a more thorough run feel free to reach out. :) Either to me or to Sai.

You can find the developer Sai here, or read the latest news regarding the game here. You can also read the official AAGII summary below with certain revision. Hopefully I'll be adding some more personal insights and elaborations at a later stage.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from the man behind AAGII himself...


Hello Everyone, My name is Sai, I am a Japanese RPG developer and have been working on an underground project for about a year now.

With the assistance of my friend Cyberdevil on beta testing, the game is in its final stages of development! It is a free to play, turn-based MMO JRPG, called 'Altered Ancient Gears II'.

The project will be released the week of the 28th of December, and for the first 50 players there will be exclusive access to DLC content! Also free.

If you are interested in adding this game to your catalog, please send your email to

I am looking forward to sharing this with you all!

AAG2 Title

AAG2 Menu

The Story

Many years ago there existed four nations that acted as individual empires.

'Lias' known as the Immovable Army, 'Vinnas' known as the Monarch of Salvation, 'Ruketh' known as the Force of Discovery, and 'Corinth' The Bringer of Knowledge.

These kingdoms - forever at war - pillaged, destroyed, and consumed one another in a never ending cycle.

The Father in Heaven 'The Creator of All Things' sought out his people, and chose three orphan children from all four regions to receive divine powers, as his elect ones to spread his word and teach man the error of their wrongdoings, but two orphans succumbed to the sins of the world and perished, and the third wandered the world aimlessly with no hope.

Now there is a fourth on the horizon who is going through great trial and tribulation.

Will you earn Salvation?

The story is about a boy named Mobius, Who loses both of his parents and is sold to a slave farm far from his homeland. While on the farm Mobius discovers that many children sent before him were tortured and killed. He devises an escape plan and rebels against the governor of the farm. During the face off, the governor discovers that Mobius has an untapped potential of Spirit Energy. Mobius is sold to the Elite Guard Military, where high level experiments are done on him, and his memory is wiped.

He becomes a pawn of the state, and moves up to First Class rank before he meets a Military General named Sia, who later reveals to him the secrets as to who he really is.

The Features

Welcome to Valgardia! The maybe most expansive world in a turn-based RPG! Explore four different world maps with towns, cities, caves, dungeons and plentiful both other places and people to discover. You will never run out of things to do!

Captivating story with secrets, betrayal, friendship, and teamwork!

Hunting - You can hunt wild animals on the world map for animal coats to sell to shops. Be careful! Some animals may respond aggressively and attract stronger monsters to help defend themselves.

Side Quests - More side quests will be added to all towns and cities.

Main Storyline Quests - A fascinating tale of fate and adventure that takes you through the immense world of Valgardia and beyond.

Home Building - You can purchase a home off-grid and access it through the world map! It's called the 'Grand Shrine'. A special item, as well as appropriate character level and military rank, are required to purchase a home. Home features include:

  • Access to training gym to increase max stats.
  • Bed to rest and recover HP/SE.
  • Mini games: Unlocked once social score reaches required level!
  • Tutorials
  • Movie Gallery: Learn about the history and lore behind AAG2. See the gameplay and story of the first game: 'Ancient Gears: Altered Time'. (Certain social score and military rank required to access!)
  • Secret Item Shop "Custom Crafts". (Social link must be at 50 or above!)
  • Secret Weapons "Custom Crafts". (Social link must be at 70 or above!)

Social Link System - Social Score is a level system you raise by interacting with citizens of Valgardia. Whether it's by completing quests or by having a conversation. In order to access special features in the game and progress the storyline, your social Link with people must be high.

Real Clock/Day & Night System: Transitions from morning, noon, night and day - as well as various weather conditions!

Custom Battle Animations/Character Transformations!

Chain Attack Command using special moves!

High Definition Menu Interface

Exclusive Mini Games

Camping System

Four Exclusive Modes of Transportation

Five Exclusive Character Classes: Samurai, Soul Rouge "Scythe", Scripture Chant, Gun Blade and Beast Tamer!

Customized Battle HUD with special move cutins!

TIME GEAR ITEM IMPLEMENTED: After clearing the transit prison, you will have access to the Time Gear, which allows you to change characters at any moment in the game!

Extra DLC!

You can now access the following DLC's: 'Shinzu God of The Dead', 'Final Fantasy 15 DLC' and 'Iron Blooded Orphans DLC'.

Recommended levels to beat each DLC is 75+.

Test your strength against Mikazuki Angus from IBO, Akuma from Street Fighter, and Noctis from FF15 in three separate story battle arcs! I will send you a separate email showing you where each of the DLC keys are hidden.





1) If you could compare this game to others, which ones would they be?

Final Fantasy, Wild Arms, Star Ocean, Dark Cloud 1 & 2, Breath of Fire, Swords of Mana, .hack//G.U. (if it were turn-based), Dragon Warrior, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger...

If you like those games you will enjoy this one very much!

2) What engine are you running this on?

After a year of toying around with RPG Maker VX Ace I was so excited; I knew I wanted AAG2 to run on MV. The Game runs on a modified RPG MV.

3) What platforms will this be available for?

For now it's just going to be Windows and Mac. Depending on your needs and desires - if you want to see this on mobile or tablet - I will consider it.

4) Will there be a part III?

Currently I don't see a part three happening anytime soon unless I have a team behind me. I will however fix the bugs in part one and release that on the RPG Maker VX engine.

Right now I'm a solo developer and Gears of Time Productions is just me and a beta tester [that'd be me ;)]. But if people offer to help out I'll have no issues making a part 3.

5) Will Gears of Time Productions develop other projects?

Again at the moment I am unsure. It depends on the feedback from the players. I wanted AAG to be an underground gaming thing that only certain people know about. So as far as another game goes I'm not sure...





If you want to start playing right away then either send Sai an email ( or check in here for more info.

More info on my playable character here.

Hope you enjoy the game!

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