Drane of Origins Drane of Beasts

the Drane of my mind / the Drane that materialized

My own playable character is an official part of the Altered Ancient Gears II adventure! :) Here's the official bio, as it was at his inception.

Name: Drane or Drane of the Beasts.

Personality: Grounded and calm, but blunt. Speaks his mind even when it might not be to his advantage. Is difficult to anger but one you'd best avoid managing to.

Element/Spirit Energy: Earth.

Weapon Type: A whip, though he's also well-versed in projectile-based weaponry - knives or clubs.

Background: A beast/animal-tamer, raised by a group of nomads into the circus life at The Lion's Den, housed in the small green oasis of Graceful Dunes. He's led a poor life, and though he found his role as animal tamer all the more vile and cruel there's been no room to try anything else, or thus risk the livelihood of his group.

When one day his lion fails to follow his commands and mauls a man in the circus audience however, soldiers come and kill his entire clan.

Forced into the desert to escape he loses his way; doesn't know if anyone has survived but him. He blames himself for their deaths; a disregard to truly keep his beast in shackles.

Special Ability: Can call for the spirits of his clan to claw away the Earth under his foes and bury them, or for the spirit of his lion to once again maul his foes.

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