Many websites have a permenant cache for changed files, were the previous versions are no longer visible from the main pages, but still saved to be viewed upon request. On sites such as Wikipedia this feature is obviously very useful. Here at however, a feature such as this is undoubtedly useless, as the only changes are additions, typo fixes and other changes that don't remove anything vital from the pages. Nevertheless, I had to have it, if not for other than being able to look back and say "Ah, so that's how it was!" When doubtful over a piece of cyberDs past. View Folder.

NOTE: Files that have only been updated or changed are not saved here, I only save files that are no longer used on the rest of the site here. There is a seperate archive for CV History & private archives for SQL databases, saved monthly. The rest of the website is always kept in synch.


2008 - October - 21 - CD
2008 - May - 14 - Face/Tour

( this was what the "stuff" folder used to look like, after I removed the old stuff folder and started making a new one)