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Advanced Wars is one of the greatest games I know. It requires strategy and skill, and it is not only fun and rewarding but also contains a good plot and way more content than anyone can ask for. Even though I've played through the campaign three times, bought all items in the shop (you gain points for won battles) and been up at 9999 points for a few years, I still haven't played every single one. That doesn't mean I don't play often, it means there's a lot of gameplay, and if the maps aren't enough you can even make your own. The map editor is easy and flexible and lets you (with certain limits) make maps just like the ones you play in the game. This page is here to showcase the maps I've designed for this game.

Advanced Wars is a game for GBA, so to play the game on your computer you will need an emulator, preferably Visual Boy Advance. You'll also need the game itself, so go search Google for an Advance Wars ROM (notice the lack of D in the title) and download. The number of levels you can save is originally limited to 3, but fortunately for us the configuration for the whole game is stored in a tiny .SAV file, so you can load an unlimited number of maps without deleting any of them simply by replacing the .SAV file when you want to load a set of maps, and saving it when you want to keep a pack of maps for later, so each of the packages below contain a blank save file with three custom levels. To play them open up the Versus menu and navigate one step to the left, ta-da! there they are.

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Pack 0

EverEternal-WinterWorld-(2008).zip (516 downloads )

Pack 1

Behind Bars

Pack 2


Good Advice

- For each section of the game you complete you'll get a gold menu. If you buy all the maps the shop will get a gold menu, if you complete the campaign in two difficulties you'll get gold, if you beat all maps in the War Room you'll get gold there as well. To get gold on the map creator you'll need to find the secret map (press a key combo), but the hardest part, or at least the most time consuming one, is getting gold on the Versus menu. There are way past the hundred levels to play, and that takes a shitload of time ... if you don't cheat a bit. Cheating is easy, just make sure all players are real players (no CP), then after starting a game hit Options > Yield. That's it, one of the "Players" one, so the map is marked as done. Repeat this procedure a hundred times or so (you have probably played through at least a portion of the maps earlier).

- If you're up for the challenge, fight three allied computer opponents. When fighting an overpower like this, you need to take advantage of all the time you get. Aim for the closest foe and capture their HQ as quickly as possible, once you have double territory it'll be a piece of cake pushing the enemy back. If you don't play like this winning is virtually impossible, I've tried. On some levels it's not, especially sea levels, but on all levels where all bases are connected by land you just can't win if you don't quickly defeat one of the three foes. Capture the properties you can at the beginning to boost your budget quickly, but don't venture too far, the enemies will group themselves quickly and take out your vulnerable outposts

- If you're having trouble winning a custom map, play with large funds. You can make use of all money you get (at least at the beginning) and build really heavy weaponry while they'll still build a variety of weaker models and save up a LOT of money. Note though that you need to keep your army balanced, don't just build heavy tanks or bombers, see to it that you can crush any unit at a low cost.

- Bombers are a real goldmine once you have enough money to buy them, they'll take out just about any unit, they move quickly & they can't be attacked by normal infantry/tanks. Just keep something to tackle enemy air units nearby.

- You can't get more than 999,999 in a game.

- Unless you play as Grit, skip the missiles. Movable air-killing units are much better, and cheaper, and they can take care of pesky infantry as well.

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