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I n t r o

You've been wondering about me I hear . . .
Word travels quickly, from ear to ear
The thunderbolts! That roam lone air
The world I live in bound to tear.
The people I see all shed tears
The forests keep winning seemless cheers
All lives I've lived, in the past years
Out of movies my dreams appear.
They've been whispering bout me I know
Who is the legend - who is he yo?
All my stories still left untold
But I have a life still waiting to unfold . . .

Bob, the Name and Legend!
 My name is perfect :)

I n t o

Who is the Bob?

Some call him the swaying grass beside the flowing river, some call him the zombie without common expression, some call him the sunshine in the darknight, some call him the hero that saved the tortillas from being burnt, some call him the villan that ate my Pringles, some call him the maniac of Japanese animation, some call him when they need help with their website. You can call him too : [ number removed ]. Actually you can't call me atm, my parents are a bit annoyed at all the phonecalls I get, so I'll have to hide my number until I move out. Sorry.

I'll tell you

How will you know the Bob when you see him? Unfortunatly no pictures have ever been taken, so there is no way to be sure that you haven't seen him already. During his travels around the world he has worked for countless spy organisations and infiltrated many multinational companies affecting world economy. He retired at the age of 10 to live a normal life away from suspicion and foreign affairs that don't concern him. Currently he is living in Sweden and has settled with a false identity awaiting future operations.


In a remote village up in the North of Sweden a Bob was once born in 1989. After that he travelled around the world and learned of many different cultures before he returned to Sweden were he momentarily lives until future adventures. Bobs main interests are Ninjas, Weapons, Martial Arts, BreakDancing and Power. Even though he is not very good at it yet he dreams of jumping over cars and stuff and doing backflips onto building roofs.The best computer game he ever played was Oni, it's GREAT. One of Bobs other main interests is Graphic and Webdesign, which he spends so much time with that it sometimes conflicts with his important training. Just think about how long it took for Bob to make this page. ;)

Bob loves food, Bob loves music. Music, Food and Training are the 3 most important part of life, or at least Bobs. The year 2005 Bob bought 3 throwing knifes and later recieved a throwing star, which he often practices with ( on trees ), as soon as he has the money he will also buy lots of paintguns and air guns and cool stuff. Bob used to train Jujutsu, but eventually got tired of it and stopped. Maybe he will take up the training once again in the future, but not for now. Bobs days consist of 20% computer, 30% training, 2% eating and sleep. Bob is pretty sure he does do other things to though, like go to school.

His dreams for the future are to just live a nice relaxing life with flexible work times. His dream job would be an author and webdesigner, which he is pretty sure he will get, or has already got . . . since he does make sites and write stuff, but in the future also make some money from it. Enough for a living.

On summers Bob travels back up to the North of Sweden from wherever he is and takes a 2 month break from everything including computers and just chills. This is definatly the best time of the year, and Bob greatly enjoys it! Thats all folks . . .

This dude is called Bob too.
This dude is called Bob too.

I n f o

Name : Bob Alexander Axell

Codename : Cyberdevil/Ninj /Cyberdyze/CyberD

DOB : July - 10 - 1989

Sex : Male

Sign : Cancer

Chinese Sign : Snake

Weight : 89 Kilos

Height : 182 CM

Look : Like a normal person. Unique. Dishwater blonde hair, short hair, brown eyes, alternativly sunglesses, alternativly glasses, alternativly red bandana, big thick black suit-like coat in winter, thin black coat in fall and spring, T-Shirt in summer, insane smile, not perfectly white teeth, ears with the ability of wiggling, dim mustache, tall, not spectaculary muscular.

Occupation : Webmaster / Author / Artist / Songwriter

Interests : Anything interesting

Location : Infront of my computer, mostly

Adress : Unknown

Telephone : Unknown

Cellular : Unknown, it's never on anyway

Email : email removed

Site :

P r o f i l e s (list no longer mantained)


@ Avatarist
@ B3ta
@ Crapville
@ Customize
@ DeviantArt
@ Flashportal
@ Freewebhostingtalk
@ Greeley Entertainment
@ HarryJarry
@ HeysayHi
@ Kuriren
@ Lesterchan
@ MustyWindows
@ NarutoFan
@ NewGrounds
@ NewNova
@ Pixel2Life
@ Retrogade ( no pic )
@ Reyreythemonkey ( pic )
@ Shoutwire
@ Smosh
@ Twisted Designs
@ Xgen Studios

F a c t s

- Bob is a Jujutsu Blackbelt if he trains 6 years more.
- Bob can lift a car easily, a toy one.
- Bobs pancake eating record is 22.
- Bob is a really smart person.
- Bob knows 11 languages ( Can talk decently in 5 ).
- Bob loves French Fries, or any fries in general . . . or any other fried foods . . . vegetarian such . . .
- Bob almost has the world record at beating Doom quickly
- Bob has an elite rank in Worms
- Bob can't stop playing Oni
- Bob has completed GTA SA to 89%
- Bob is a master of the web
- Bob aka the CyberDevil holds the record of written reviews at in one day ( over 100 )
- Bob is famous! yeah!

F a c t s

1988 - Bob didn't exist, but there was a really good movie this year . . .

1989 - Bob was finaly born, after a long time of wait

1990 - Bob learned stuff quickly, didn't waste no time

1991 - Bob continued learning stuff quickly, all the time

1992 - Bob started walking and stuff and moved to Marrocco

1993 - Bob drove a car for the first time, almost into a wall

1994 - Bob started at kindergarden and learned how to swim. Also ate the best chocolate cruisants he has ever eaten in his whole life ( so far ), he still misses them

1995 - Bob moved to England, got lots of friends, climbed into a treehouse for the first time ( very exciting ), ate these cute little chips that looked like teddybears, accidentaly took the licensplate off a car and ate a maybe poisonous flower but didn't die ;)

1996 - Bob started public school ( skipped 1st grade and started in 2nd immediatly ), had a lot of adventures, got a small firetruck from Timothy

1997 - Bob moved to Chilli, went to volcanoes, beaches, natural parks and turist locations. Bob rewent in 2nd grade in an international school. Bob really liked Ricki Martins and Aquas music at this time. He also liked standing in the bus as it went downhill quickly and swimming underwater in the pool in our backyard.

1998 - Bob did lots of stupid stuff at school, like stealing everyones pencils, but he was later caught and had to give them all ( almost ) back. Bob had the greatest teacher ever, whome he still exchanges letters with sometimes. Bob learned a lot and liked it a lot. Looks at his big bunch of pencils sometimes to remember the good old times.

1999 - Bob moved to Costa Rica! Favorite country so far. ;) Great nature, great shopping, great beaches. Bob even saw a Monkey in the wild drinking coca cola ( seriously ). Bob also started eating a lot at school and became a little fat.

2000 - The millenium change, an exciting year for Bob too. Bob won a poetry contest. Bob had a lot of fun with his new great friends Sebastian, Benjamin and Jonathan, a family from the Netherlands. They did crazy sht. Bob also ate his first jawbreaker without breaking jaws. Went bowling, got bitten by a dog, painted masterpieces with cheap hotel soap, raided empty houses, etc.

2001 - Bob moved to Saudi Arabia! HOT. Bob recieved the greatest friends ever : Luke, Josh and Jessie . . . and Grace too maybe. All good friends seem to come in trilogies. O_o They gave Bob lots of great food and Bob became really fat, but at this time he didn't care. Bob, Josh, Jessie and Luke roamed the camp and did lots of crazy sht. Greatest Days of Bobs life. :)

2002 - Bob continued having lots of fun in Saudi Arabia, also became friends with Salim and Muhammed, great people. ^_^ Bob recieved his first BBgun. Josh bought it from a shop for 10 riyales and sold it to Bob for 20, but it was still cool, lol. Bob recieved his sisters old computer and was overjoyed!

2003 - Bob returned to Sweden! Bob entered the internet. He hadn't been on computers almost at all before, but now started building sites like a maniac. Bob also started Swedish school, a disgrace to society here. O_O

2004 - Bob started

2005 - Bob started highschool! Found this great guy from the North of Sweden, a CS addict, but nonetheless a good person with similar interests, sort of. Real life didn't progress much, but on the internet he signed up as the Cyberdevil all around the net and was soon known worldwide. With the reputation of being able to write hundreds of reviews in one day and take over peoples highscores and places as easily as eating pancakes.

2006 - Bob added ads to the site. Bob wonders why he hasn't done this before? This site now generates more cash then it costs to host, great. School this year was very unmotivational, but Bob managed to get through it. Bob also started a business, unlyrical. He now writes lyrics on request.

2007 - Going!

F a v o r i t e s

Most Favorite things : Happy Endings, Food, Summer Vacation, My Site, Music.

Favorite Food : Rice, French Fries, Pizza, Tofu Lasagna, Fried Fish, Shrimp Chips.
Favorite Drink : Mirinda, Guanabana Juice, Lemonade, Vanilla Milkshake, Chikoree.
Favorite Candy : Recess Cups, Dark Chocolate, Licorish, After Eight.
Favorite Chips : Pringles, Svenska Lant Chips, Sourcream and Onion.
Favorite Icecream : TipTop, 88 Black, Daim, 87:an and Piggelin ( GB Glace )
Favorite Fruit : Guayabana, Watermelon, Lichi, Japanese Pears.
Favorite Berries : Cloudberry, Strawberry, Rasberry, Crowberry, Blueberry.
Favorite Nuts : Peanuts, Cashew, Macadem.
Favorite Vegetable : Cucumber, Potato, Tomato.

Favorite Anime : One Piece, Bleach, Great Teacher Onizuka, Bleach, Bible Black
Favorite Cartoons : Scooby Doo, Afro Samurai, Samurai Jack, Donald Duck
Favorite Books : The Doom Novels, Sagan om Klanen Otori, Ondskan, Goosebumps, Hear of Darkness
Favorite Publishers : Mån Pocket
Favorite Poems : Bleach - By Bob Axell
Favorite Authors : R.L. Stine, Bob Axell, Lian Hearn
Favorite Comics : Magnum, Donald Duck, Modesty Blaise, StålKalle, Tintin
Favorite Comic Publishers
: Marvel, Magnum
Favorite Manga : One Piece, Berserk, Great Teacher Onizuka, Love Hina

Favorite Sports : Table Tennis, Tennis, Bedminton, Squash, Swimming
Favorite Athletes : None

Favorite Music : Anything!
Favorite Genres : Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Rock, Punk, Techno, Pop
Favorite Artists : Roger Pontare, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Weird AlFavorite Raper : Eminem, 50 Cent, Fred Durst
Favorite Bands : Linkin Park, Bomb the Bass, Run DMC, Outkast, Korn, The Eagles.

Favorite Games : Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, Worms World Party, GTA San Andreas, Jazz JackRabbit, Oni
Favorite Developers : ID Software, Rockstar, Bungie, Team 17
Favorite Board Games : Kalaha, Monopoly, Cops & Robbers
Favorite Card Games : UNO, Poker

Favorite Movies : Crank, Banlieue 13, Total Action, Resident Evil, Terminator 2, Final Fantasy 7, Back to the future, Pirates of the Carribean, Zatoichi, Fearless, Silent Hill
Favorite Genres : Action, Adventure, Horror, Terror, Comedy
Favorite Actors : Jason Statham, JC Van Damme, Jackie Chan, Arnold
Favorite TV Shows : Lost, The Unit, Alias, Prison Break

Favorite Sites :,,,,,,

Favorite Webmasters : Me
Favorite Torrent Site :
Favorite Email :
Favorite Search engine :
Favorite Ad Service
: Google Adsense
Favorite Hosting Company : WebHostingBuzz
Favorite Script Language : PHP
Favorite Programming Language : C++

Favorite Applications : Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash
Favorite OS : Windows XP
Favorite Computer : Mine

Favorite Continent : Asia
Favorite Country : Sweden

Favorite Location : By my computer
Favorite City : Tokyo
Favorite Construction : My treehouse

Favorite Materia : Water

Favorite Weapon : Blades
Favorite Unofficial Weapon : Axes
Favorite Martial art : Ninjutsu
Favorite Blade : Katana
Favorite Gun : p90

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