Was a website I used to run featuring high class softcore pornography pictures forwarded to me by various very attentioncraving sources on the net. I recieved between 1 - 5 galleries each month and things were going pretty swift for me until my free adult supported webhost had to close down due to some new internetal laws regarding the distribution of such material. So, thus, project ended. I could have started it up again but it wasn't something I'd be happy to spend my future on, such a timecraving project would require an investment in the longrun. You probably won't find it in the wayback machine, and you probably wouldn't know about it anyway, project only lasted about three months, but during that time my traffic increased with well over a hundred hits each DAY (!).


To sum it up, there really is a lot of opportunity to be taken within this adult bussiness . . .

And is there a meaning with this page? Well not really, and why am I writing in such a large text that is insanely difficult to read unless your a strange person? Maybe because it might make you believe that there is something important following after this unimportant piece of text, but as you see now, there really isn't. GHuzzah!