One alternative guide to life and value. The gathering of Bob Axells thoughts and theories summarized . . . the parts I remember.

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If the number 1 would have been the number 2 instead, just imagine how strange it would be saying it in the number ones place. Woah . . .

Just think about in all situations in which we use number one to describe a postion in life. Everything would be completly messed up if this changed! Allthough, if we had from the very start learned that 1 was actually 2 it wouldn't be so surprising. If you don't know anything yet, it's no problem learning something. But if you already know something, then it's a big problem changing your point of view, even if it's just a basic fact, you have to be completely clean in mind. This theory isn't only relevant when it comes to ones and twoes, but much much more . . .


If the number 2 would have been the number 1 instead, just imagine how strange that would have been! This is the perfect excerciae to train your mind, meditate and relax . . .

Nah, I'm just joking around, I have no serious theories regarding numbers, well . . . not number 2, so read on if your looking for heavy mind boggelbling . . . have a nice day . . .


I'm talking about the Nintendo with the above extension. Nintendo 64.

Why is it called what it is? Even if it did have to do with the resolution and color, why didn't they use 128 or something bigger? A little more research could have gotten them far. Or maybe it's because both 6 and 4 can be multiplied to 12? or 24? Maybe because if you add them together they form a 10? Why not call it Nintendo 10 instead? Or maybe it's because half of 4 + 6 is 8 and 4 x 2 is 8? We will never know. As far as I know, Nintendo hasn't revealed this either. Mind my rambling on about this, not important at all. And btw, where the hell did Nintendo 63 go? And all the ones before that? It's like they never even existed in the first place . . .

Anime Eyes

Have you ever thought about why anime eyes look so great?

If you look closely, they don't look great. There are lots of white dots in them and strange shapes combined. They have no resemblence to real eyes, so I wonder why they looks so attractive. The one who "invented" them must have been a real genius . . . so simplistic figurative combinations to form something so simple and worldy used. Realy eyes have reflections, true, but no white spots, and their never circular, only fish eyes are, and we don't tend to see fish as cute, they have something cold and unreliable in them, darkness. Maybe it's all a mixture between fish and human eyes? I wonder if that was the true source of his inpsiration, it's an interesting relation.


The main rules of alchemy is equivelent trade, sacrificing something to gain something of the same value. If you can build a bomb from a little atom, the sacrifice you give when using it is gigantic. But what do you gain? A large destructive power, the opposition of life, so you sacrifice yin for yang. Atoms are the source of life, they are what hold everything together. It's all pure logic, chaotic dissaray.


Bab means rice in Korean & my name is Bob. I like rice, what a coincidence, huh?

*Heavy Thinking involved in this one*

Banana Theory
I was watching TV and saw this dude talking about how the banana was proof that god existed, describing it's perfect shape and use. I can't seem to find any copyright mark or sign on the banana saying "Made by God" or something. So why couldn't it have been made by someone else?! Like nature maybe? The banana isn't proof that god exists, it's proof that it's a good creation, but there is no proof as to whome created it! And everybody was saying "liek OMG, this perfectly makes sense!". Morons.

Take a look at people called Bob, they are all the same. Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Bob Hope . . . me. Everyone I know with this name has a good sense of humor, is poetic and is artistic. This made me start thinking about names and what they actually have to do with a persons personality.

If its being called something by other people that makes your personality shift depending on the tones people pronounce. If when parents come up with a name they sublimminaly know what the child will grow up as, and chose the name based on that as a definition. If names really define what the person is going to grow up as . . . without tricks. Or if the whole naming thing is bullshit.

Some people may think that naming has something to do with religion. That god choses how the person will grow up depending on their name. How would god be able to keep track of 6 Billion people? Yeah right, he's only human, ironic. As I see it we all live by a set of rules, that steer our lifes. There is nothing random, everything is predefined, and combining all the different particles in this existence is what predetermines our personality and fate. In most cases it's stunning, people with the same names are so very alike. So there has to be some truth in it. How it works, I don't know.


You can reach me at the contact form .

Maybe this section is simply here so that I will recieve more feedback, as a joke . . . or maybe it's deeper than you think. If you don't understand it, just send me an email. If you don't feel like searching for my email a few lines above, you can scroll to the bottom of the page instead.

Did you expect me to write something else here? I have a psychological theory about why you thought that, but lets take that some other time . . .

I was reading this rant when I realized that rants are fun to read. The reason they are fun is that they insult someone or something that we also find deep inside insulting. If your a vegetarian and you read an anti-meat rant you become happy. If you read an anti-vegetarian article however the effects are the opposite. It's much like a fight, if you win you won, and thats a good thing. Thats all . . .
Sadistic Mushrooms

You know those red and white colored mushrooms?

We all know that they are poisonous, but why do know that? It's because people tell us so. If we didn't know it would probably be the most easily spotted and most tasty looking mushroom of all. Are the mushrooms actualy using that color to warn us? Or are they trying to make us eat them, so that we die? And if we die, what do the mushrooms gain from it? Would our body be used as their nutrients? Their "host" for life?

A mushrooms purpose is life, as with all plants, but if the red and white is what makes it repulsive . . . and not the smell or taste. Why havn't other mushrooms adapted to it's habits so that they look uneatable too? If they want us to eat them, to spread, why do the poisonous mushrooms disreact from this habbit? The eatable mushrooms are afterall much more common than the poisonous ones, so it makes me curious, and I wonder.

Sadistic Mushrooms 2

So, I was thinking, since some animals/insects are colorblind and might see things from a different perspective than we do . . .

Maybe the dots on the mushroom is the thing that's supposed to scare people? Think about it. How often do you see round things in nature? The sun for one, which is an extreme source of heat, in other words dangerous . . . and the full moon, which is a symbol of bad luck. other then that, are there any other round things? Sure, there are ovals, but nothing real round, nothing dotted. Nothing positive. So it's probably the dots that tell us the mushroom is poisonous.

Sheep Noise

Why do sheeps sound like they do? I have absolutly no clue!

If you think about it. Sheep actualy have a very different vocal letout than most creatures. If you can find an animal that sounds like it I will be amazed . . . except humans, they can imitate anything. :P The question remains though, why do sheep sound like they do? Is there a reason for it? Certainly their sound fits in very well with their appearence, but that's just because we are used to it and it isn't relevant. So tell me folks, let me know why they sound like they sound. If there is a reason or if my questions are going round and round, out of bounds, like the sun sinks below my flow, so tell me yo, let me know, behold my glow as I yearn for lifes to learn.


Whats up with shoes? Why do we wear them? Has it ever occured to you that we would do fine without them, except in the winter?

If you had walked without shoes ever since you were a little kid, barefoot, all the time. Your feet would be tougher than leather. You would be able to walk on sharp rocks without getting cut. Under your feet there are also different zones and "points" that apply to different parts of your body. Pressing various places on your feet can cure pain in different body parts, give you better eyesight and so on. Just pressing a point wont just make you go POOF and suddenly you'll be able to see a sign 3 miles away, but it helps in the long run. The point with having these zones on your feet is that you walk on your feet, and when you walk over uneven surfaces it helps you. It's natural.

It also feels really good to walk barefoot, you can feel the surface you walk on through your feet. Some people say it feels disgusting walking on various surfaces, but I wouldn't agree less. It's all a matter of how you've learned to walk. With shoes, or without. You also get a lot better grip with your feet than with shoes. On all surfaces.

The only time of the year shoes should be worn is under winter, when it's extremly cold, and you'll get freezing and bloody feet if you walk barefoot. Or the summer in for example arabian countries, where you will burn yourself if you walk barefoot on the pavement. The original reason mankind started wearing shoes was for additional protection, but it's gone too far now. We use shoes all time. In fact, we have become so dependent of them that we wouldn't be able to live without. And our feet don't get happier with this, they get weaker, we get weaker. So, peoples, throw your shoes away, and walk barefoot today.

Older sisters and younger brothers just don't fit together. Especially if the older sister is smaller than the younger brother. Sure, they will always be best friends, mostly. But the older sisters sense of responsiblity and leadership and the younger brothers sense of independance and taking care of himself just dont fit together. The older sister tends to want to be the one in charge and take care of the little brother and the little brother wants to be the one in charge of himself and not let anyone take care of him. This is the way it is in most cases, I have observed many other families as well. Sometimes it doesn't have to limited to younger brothers and older sisters, but also females and males in general. However, younger sisters and older brothers are the complete other way around, that's just the way it is.

After having stayed awake for one night without sleeping I realized how much your memory is affected by it. Events from the previous day, before my sleepless night seemed like they happened years ago, and I'm sure that I'll soon forget them. I can't even remember the names of all the movies I watched! Seriouslly.

I have a friend called Björn, with an extremly bad memory. The explenation to it : he doesn't sleep much. If you look at all people with bad memories, except really old ones, you will realize that the ones who sleep more do remember more. Sleep is important.

Scientific Facts

I know a whole lot of people who only rely on science. I don't like that way of thinking.

Everything can be proved by science, but humans can't prove everything. Therefore we are the ones who can not prove it, not the science that proves that it is wrong. We havn't evolved enough yet to be able to think so far that we can prove everything, and maybe we never will either. But I'm running away from the point here, if we can't prove it, it doesn't mean that it can't be proven. Don't illcit other theories without factual base, and vice versa, don't create theories justifiable caused by their lack of factual evidence. It's a lose-lose situation.


Why do slugsnails move so slow, why do they have such a thin shell and why don't they have eyes? It's got me mystified.

By now they should have devloped either a stronger shell, better speed or better reaction, since so many people step on them. They are also so greatly camoflauged that you don't see them when you walk. Maybe the snails change their genetics to camoflauge better instead of building stronger shells and what they should be doing, since they think that there shell is impossible to break through or something.

This could also be proof that god doesn't exist and that evolution is based on the creatures themselves and that nobody decides what they become, or maybe snails are just meant to be stepped on and become bird feed? I don't think so . . .


Well, I was thinking. Sykos are extremly smart, there is no denying that.

If we think we know how sykos act and then try to identify them using that knowledge, we would have to be pretty smart ourselves, preferably sykos too. The smartest sykos probably even know how we think and adapt themselves so that we do not notice them. So the point is, a good syko is hard to find.

( PS, I was notified that Sykos is spelled wrong. Just to let you know I know how Psycho is spelled. The way it's written is the way I wrote it and I know how normal folks write. Additionally, I wrote this piece of text five years back, so my writing style has changed majorly since then. )

Teleporting and TimeTravel

Is it possible to teleport? Is it possible to time travel?

These are pretty important scientific questions, even though they have no relevency in the current age and it will require far more knowledge to even start thinking about these means of communication. The conclusion I've come to is that teleportation should be possible. Time travel however, is impossibile.

Moving between different locations using electricity might work. Breaking down the bodys materia and moving it to another location might work. The only hinders I see is how the body would be affected by the massive ammount of electricity used in the process. Just hanging around powercables and big electrical sources for too long can give brain tumors and other diseases. Just think about how much energy teleportation would require, and how devestating that would be! Also, where would we get all the power from? Today that would be a big problem, but in the future there may be many new and more effective ways of easily producing energy. If the current evolutionary age lasts, which I doubt . . .

Would there be any way to go back in time though? The only evolutionary breakthroughs concerning time that I can think of would be cool watches and maybe medicine that increases your life span. However, traveling through time is impossible. You can't change time however much you would want it to. You can't stop it either. Time is something that just goes on and cannot be changed. You can't touch it.

The Bible

So, this is the book that proves god exists? No. It was written a long time ago, there is no proof that it is true.

If the Lord of the Rings had been written a few years BC, wouldn't we have believed in it then? It is completly possible that elves and monstrous beings could have existed before, just like Jesus. No matter what way you put it, the Bible is just another book of fiction. A well written one, a masterpiece. A good book makes you believe in it, it makes it seem as if it is real, and the bible really does. I have read it many times, it's better than most books written today.

Some of the things said in the bible are very smart, and there are even predictions towards the future. A coincidence? Or could the author actualy forsee the future? Who knows, it's a good book though, you should read it. Same goes with the Muslim Bible and all the others, even though what is written in them is basicly the same thing.

Training 1 Leg
So I was walking from the trainstation with a heavy bag in my hand assisting my sister who just recently recieved some problems with her one leg during Kung-Fu training. And I started thinking that if after having trouble with 1 leg, you want to train it more than the other so that both legs have the same strength. You can hold one shopping bag with the arm on the same side as your injured leg. Nice and simple. Also, shopalot.

Well, I was thinking about vacuum packages and then i made the comparision that it's like the universe. With air surrounding a vacuum package the vacuum will pull itself together to let in the air. Kind of like a "black hole" hut not as serious. If you try removing all air from a glass jar it will eventualy explode inwards if the glass isn't strong enough.

The universe is like a vacuum packed jar without air surrounding it. Since it's edges is not made of glass, it is constantly expanding, like a human would in space without a space suit. Eventually though, it could reach air or a similar substance that would make it pull itself inwards, thus the Big bang theory.

All the gallaxies, planets and stars float around freely in the universe since there is no gravity, they all have their own magnetic fields which effects them. Also, black holes might be tiny quantaties of air, that since they exist inside a vacuum have an opposite effect on their surroundings. They can also not suck in vacuum, since it doesn't exist, and therefore forms a magnetic field that sucks in all nearby objects. The more oxygen, or other substance, the stronger the force.

I have also wondered that if there is a human muscular enough, would he be able to live without a space suit? Or, if it was possible to remove all oxygen from the body, what would happen then?

Vegetarian Theory

It's simple. IF you can kill something, slaughter it, make it eatable and eat it, then you have the right to eat it. Or rather, if you want to. I consider plants to be living animals too, and I don't care what species is smarter. I can easily kill and eat all plants, as well as fish, shrimps and clams. So I do.

I would never think about killing a cow though, or chicken. I like them too much. If I were starving, then I might have to. But since it's not a must in todays life to eat meat like it was in the stone age. It's unnaceptable to me. Saying "But meat tastes so good, I couldn't live without it!" is just no good excuse.

Ways of Learning

There are 2 ways to learn. To learn in advance, and to learn after.

Learning in advance is what you do in school, you are preparedfor the real life after that. All good advice gets you one step ahead. The other way of learning, after, is experience based. When you've done something crazy, you learn from it. If you lose an arm, you learn from it. The bigger the pain, the more you remember the lesson. However, learning after may be too late, so it's a good idea to try staying one step ahead. One of the key factors in combat. And life is combat . Even without fights.

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