About Knytt

Knytt Stories is a small ambient game featuring June and her many adventures. A few official levels are included, and users can further build upon the experimental storyline with their own creations, easy to puzzle together through the included level editor. On this page you will find levels I have composed for the game, and other related downloads. Enjoy!


Leveled is a series of smaller levels I've been working on when time allows it since mid-2009. They all follow a storyline, progressing as the levels are built, and should thus also be played in order of release. Each level features specific goals, a challenging enviornment, and one or more alternative endings. There are a few secret endings that allow access to aternative continuation levels, these are not listed on this page, but are instead linked to from the ending screen. If you feel like cheating they'll be pretty easy to find within the game folder, but don't spoil the fun too much? ;) The Leveled series features unique graphics and a soundtrack with roughly 10 pieces of ambient music, and more in the making. The same soundtrack will be used for every level, so to save space the music files can be download seperately. You may then simply drop the "music" directory into the level you would like to play within the "Worlds" folder". The soundtrack is constantly built upon, so be sure to download the newest version when you download a new episode. Much enjoyment!

01 - Entering Equador

02 - Coming 2010

Little Pyramid

This here is my master level. It uses all ingame tilesets, gradients, objects and music. It also features a brand new soundtrack with 60 new experimental songs and a storyline that stretches at least a few hours in length, if you run straight through it. It is still developed on a monthly basis and will be released in early 2012 if I don't fall behind schedule.

Smaller Levels

- June Run

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