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HTML and CSS styles created by Bob Axell 2006-2008.

» Basic

» Basic Blue

» Basic Green

» Basic Orange

» BeeKay

» Cyberdyze 4

» Embress

» Red

» Royal Green

» Royal Red

» Royal Remade

» Square


The Greatest thing about these copies are that they are in many cases much better coded than the real ones, all missalignments and missing ALTs have been filled in. I don't claim ownership over any of the material below. Empty logos and other source images are availible for all styles. Contact me with any requests. Enjoy!

» 13gb

» CashCrate

» Droids

» Freezinebucks

» FusionCash

» GU Comics

» My 5GB

» Rezter

» St1k



New layouts are underway, expect at least a dussin before 2010.

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