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  • Ah wooooooooooooooooooo
  • Seems like the time messed up a bit here, bad order, had to fix it all through phpMyAdmin...
  • Ooops, I meant Blaze Mint. Hope I'm the only one making this mistake. Blaze Mint
  • New site in the making, will be up at Jan 1 Blaze Media
  • Been searching long for a worldclock plugin that fetches time from server, but all of them fetch time locally. :(
  • Oh my, this page has been created, now you can see straight into the contents of my brain.
  • Can't get the goddamn Doodle plugin to work properly. :(
  • Next Generation MicroBlogging. Just like twitter. Well, almost. This and this are just not related.
  • On the soya protein pill box it sais "take 5-10", so if I take less, what happens then?
  • Trouble with an image I generated , error every time I upload, but otherwise it works fine.
  • My broadband just stopped working, pages stopped displaying, I flipped the modem off/on 6 back online (?)
  • The requested URL /accounts/ServiceLogin... is too large to process ...wth? One hour later, it worked fine, though.
  • It seems ZoneAlarm just woke up from a deep sleep. I installed a new version two weeks ago, NOW it starts blocking.
  • This is my personal box of thoughts and whatever. The big blog doesn't have space for stuff like this,oneliners.

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