The Longest Run On Sentence.

This is by far the most run on long sentence without any period or comas or other symbols at all that has every been created in the whole universe or at least the first one published on a website like this so I have come up with a revolutionary idea that people will start copying and putting up websites about trying to compete about who has the longest run on sentence but now you all know that this is the site that started it and this is the original long run on sentence that revolutionized the web and it is also much more intersting than all the other run on sentences that will be created in the future to compete with this one if they start making better run on sentences I'll just have to add to this one and make it longer and longer so that it goes on for infinity and never stops and then this will remain the longest run on sentence in the whole universe and it will also remain the most boring run on sentence in the whole universe because I just go on talking about the same thing the whole time throughout the whole run on sentence and it seems like I will never stop and go on for infinity and furthermore i keep on repeating the same words over and over again wich makes it even more annoying like run on sentence or on and on etcetra but since youv'e read this far allready it seems like this run on sentence isn't as bad as i thought infact its better than i thought since its not worse and i never thought people would read this far but now that youve read this far your proving me wrong so I'll have to change my previous statment so that people can read this whole long run on sentence without any further difficulties but if you can't read than there will still be some difficulties for you when trying to read the rest of the sentence if youve allready gotten this far but it would be impossible for you to get this far if you couldnt read or if you didnt understand English so this is probably pretty pointless talking about since the people its written for cant read it but it seems that I still wrote it anyways and I cant do anything about it except go back and change it but I wont do that since this sentence is running on so greatly and never stopping going on for what seems like forever allthough nothing can go on forever since it has to stop somewhere but there has to be something after that but i cant keep writing this sentence my whole life so i will have to stop sometime but that time is not now since i still have a lot of time left before i have to finish this wich is good because it would be very bad if i didnt have enough time to finish this actually i could make a whole website just about a r un on sentence where i would keep on writing on the sentence every day live posting the updates every five minutes and eventually the run on sentence would get so long that nobody would even have enough courage to read all of it and would get scared just by looking at it fearing how it never stops and how they might if they read it aloud never be able to stop and eventually end up gasping for air and choking to death on the final sentence and this is the only sentence so it is the first and final sentence but i really hope it doesnt cause any injuries and absolutly no deaths since i would be resposible for that and i would have to pay a lot of money wich sucks and if i lived in the usa i would have to pay especially much money since its easy to get accused for all kinds of things in the usa and that not good for me but fortunatly i live in sweden wich is not usa so if someone dies maybe i donbt have to pay any money wich is good for me but maybe not that good for the person who dies but people die everyday in this life and its a common event so there shouldnt be that big a fizz about it except that the person who died had visited this website wich caused his or her death wich would be bad for business and me but if all the lawyers had to read this to find any evidence that it could be fatal then maybe they would all die and i wouldnt have to pay any money or maybe they would use test subjects and that wouldnt be good since they would get evidence when the test subjects died but they wouldnt be able to use human test subjects since that would be illegal and if loyars were involved in illegal activites then i should be able to too right so they would probably use small white mice but mice cant read so they wouldnt die unless the lawyers gave them rat poison wich they wouldnt give the mice since that would be cheating and lawyers only cheat in usa and i live in sweden so that doesnt affect me but now ill have to end this just incase you loose your breath before you finish reading. ;)

Cyber 2005