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A small yet evergrowing collection of poetical pieces or thoughts far too short for a page on their own, but too rythmically beautiful for no place and no home.


Love as simply as possible, it is a potion that has no name, it is an emotion that you have contained, a sudden notion that can't be explained, it is an ocean of hope and refrain. That you long for, again and again.

It's just so fun that I can't seize to mod, not even for a breeze of smog.

Don't be at ease with peace, it's just a piece of fracture.

Blunderworld. Thunderworld. Wonderworld. Possible poetical titles for the future.

Open the world, and forget those who hear it, forget those who fear it, and tear it once more, to pieces, with the tears streaming down your face in a river through siezeless shame and disgrace. The pieces, my pikcup, throws down.

Lettuce Party! 24, Carrot, all year long.

Even more so mine if your thoughts flow fine as the wars slow chimes with m fours no nines.

I've honored you with my prescene for far too long, Lets see how you feel when all me is gone.

How do you know the ocean doesn't sink, everytime you close your eyes and blink.


The world is a twisted place.

There are exceptions like me, who reign supreme, light up this dark memefilled regime with clean poetry. :P

Posts like this inspire me, ones that defy the common laws of commentary socialization and bring something new to these grounds. I'm a poet in source, and write lines without remorse, have some many projects in my home I have to close some doors, a layer of dust lines my floors, so I never crawl on all fours, I study a webdesign course and I don't need a divorce. Cause I'm so Merry! Yay.

It don't matter to me because I like what I believe, so without further ado here's a tea party for you!

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